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    21 Of The Most Important Logie Moments Of 2016

    Waleed for president.

    1. When this dude decided to rock up to the red carpet as an actual gold Logie.

    2. And when Rebecca Judd walked the red carpet looking like a real life Cinderella.

    3. When Dave Hughes was a self-savage in his opening monologue about how he's punching above his weight.

    4. When Kitty Flanagan ripped into her waiter-like outfit.

    5. And when she took a dig at the copious amount of cooking shows on Aussie TV.

    6. Or better yet when everyone took a dig at the 60 Minutes crew.

    7. Like really went in.

    8. When Home And Away won Best Drama Program and basically the whole goddamn cast went up to accept it.

    9. When Eddie McGuire's son embarrassed the shit out of his dad by showing throwback videos to Eddie's first day as a newsreader.

    10. When Julia Morris dropped a few fucks live on air after taking a "tumble".

    11. When Conrad Sewell performed his smash hit "Remind Me".

    12. And when Delta Goodrem slayed her performance of "Dear Life".

    13. When Julia Morris' first TV appearance on New Faces was shared...

    14. ...and when she decided to re-perform it 31 years later.

    15. When Tim Minchin called out the "get over it" attitude some Australians have.

    16. When Noni Hazlehurst was inducted into the Hall of Fame...

    17. ...even though she thought it went on for a little too long too.

    18. And then when Noni delivered an amazing speech.

    19. When Carrie Bickmore spoke of her beanie line and how she helped raise $500,000 for brain cancer research.

    20. When Jessica Marais sent a heartfelt birthday wish to her little girl.

    21. When Waleed won the Best Presenter Silver Logie and beautifully thanked his wife.

    22. And when Waleed won the Gold and explained why it was so important that he did.

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