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    Updated on 28 Nov 2019. Posted on 27 Apr 2017

    18 Things '00s Aussie Kids Got Away With That You Can't

    I wish all of life's decisions could be decided with a chatterbox.

    1. Faking being sick so you could stay home all day to watch ABC Kids.


    2. Or angrily sitting through Aerobics Oz Style while waiting for Cheez TV to start.

    Network Ten

    3. Giving yourself a bomb-ass manicure with some correction tape or liquid paper.

    4. Or sketching on a dope temporary tattoo with a Sharpie.


    5. Throwing all your coins into a brown paper bag and being magically presented with food at lunch time.


    6. Or eating chocolate out of your fundraiser box and making your parents pay for them.

    TriStar Pictures

    7. Spraying a whole can of Impulse or Lynx and having it pass as a shower.

    8. Carrying all your belongings in a old, ratty Supre bag and not being judged.

    9. Having stacks of cheap rubber bracelets pass as an acceptable accessory.

    @shadestarhemp / Via

    10. Scooting around in a pair of Heelys and having it be an effective form of transport.

    @chevygirl1113 / Via

    11. Avoiding everyone you don't want to talk to by setting your MSN status to away.

    12. Or angrily ending a phone call by slamming shut your flip phone.

    20th Century Fox

    13. Letting all your friends know you were mad at them by rearranging your MySpace top eight.

    Kim Kardashian / Myspace

    14. Or by giving all your Bebo "luv" to someone else that day.


    15. Using a rubber to help you make those tough decisions in life.

    @annieseddon / Via

    16. Or getting a solid idea of your future life from a chatterbox.


    17. Secretly watching Big Brother: Uncut while your parents weren't in the room.

    Channel 10

    18. And actually having dreams of being able to afford to buy a house one day.

    Columbia Pictures

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