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    Kylie Jenner Just Bleached Her Hair And People Don’t Know How To Feel

    "How tf Kylie Jenner get her hair from black to blonde in one day? Her hairstylist must be from the gods."

    Today, Kylie Jenner shocked the world* by documenting her hair-bleaching process on Snapchat.

    *At least the Kardashian/Jenner-following world.

    The well-known wig lover actually came through with the bleached goods, leaving her fans well and truly shook.

    How tf Kylie Jenner get her hair from black to blonde in one day her hairstylist must be from the gods

    kylie jenner went from black to platinum and her hair looks fine. I get 4 highlights & my hair literally falls out. smh

    Meanwhile some people just really wanted to see the final product.

    i want to see kylie's blonde hair dried 👀 hurry up @kyliejenner

    Can Kylie dry her hair and take a bomb blonde selfie already

    And others were quick to comment on how fried her hair looked in her now deleted Snap of the dried locks.

    why did Kylie dye her hair that blonde. It destroyed her ends omg

    Kylie minha filha WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO WITH YOUR HAIR????

    My reaction to Kylie Jenner bleaching her beautiful hair

    Kylie Jenner went platinum & her hair looks toasted. Hardest thing you can do to your hair