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Kris Jenner Just Took Over Kylie Cosmetics And People Can't Stop Laughing

Kris. You're doing amazing, sweetie.

Y'all know who mother-daughter power-duo Kris and Kylie Jenner are.

Well earlier today Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to announce that her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, had been hacked.

Turns out the world's number one momager, Kris Jenner, was responsible for the total takeover.

She rebranded her daughter's makeup brand to "Kris Cosmetics" and announced that her collection will be dropping on Mother's Day.

And, unsurprisingly, people were here for all of it.

The Momager insta “hack” by @KrisJenner in @KylieJenner @kriscosmetics is marketing genius. Loving the idea

Okay but literally I’m so excited about Kylie x Kris Jenner 😍😍 whattttttt!

@KylieJenner @kriscosmetics LIVING FOR THIS. “This shit drops on Mother’s Day”- fav collab so far. Reveal is awesome, names are badass, @KrisJenner is fabulous

But everyone's favourite part? Well, all the names of the products in the collection, of course.

lmao @KylieJenner‘s story is the best thing ever, THESE NAMES NFHBNF

Dying at the @KrisJenner and @KylieJenner makeup collab names 💀💀💀

She named a shade on her face pallette "YOUR SISTER IS GOING TO JAIL" I can't pass that up @KylieJenner @kriscosmetics @KrisJenner

Yep. Kris decided to use some of her most iconic lines to help name the shades in her palettes.

Like, there's the "you're doing amazing sweetie" face palette.

And the "I love myself" nude shadow.

Oh, and don't forget the "your sister's going to jail" highlighter.

As for when Kylie Cosmetics will return to its original state... well that's just a case for the FBI, isn't it?