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18 Places To Get The Goddamn Best Fried Chicken In Sydney

Move over, Colonel Sanders.

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1. Butter, Surry Hills

If you love sneakers and have a hankering for fried chicken, Butter is the place to be. This hybrid chicken-sneaker-champagne bar serves their crispy chicken in shoe boxes, and it's truly a sight to see.

2. Chicken Institute, Surry Hills

At the Chicken Institute you can literally get your chicken by the bucketload. Plus you have four different options when it comes ordering: traditional fried, peri peri, sticky, or garlic.

3. Belle's Hot Chicken, Barangaroo

Belle's hasn't been in Sydney for very long but it's already a favourite. Served on a big slice of bread to soak up all the chicken juices, not only can you choose the cut of the chicken you want but also the spice level.

4. The Chicks Seoul Orizin, Haymarket

Seoul Orizin does Korean fried chicken, and actually does it very well. The traditional fried chicken is super crunchy, but if that's not your style, they also have a few saucier versions!

5. Mary's, Newtown

Sure, everyone knows that Mary’s produce some killer burgers, their fried chicken is just as good, if not better. Hot tip: Order a side of the mash and gravy for the ultimate fried chicken experience.

6. Arisun, Haymarket

If you're someone who thinks fried chicken is just too dry and fiddly, you should head to Arisun. They serve the crispiest boneless fried chicken and you can actually add cheese to your order to make it extra ~moist~.

7. Thirsty Bird, Potts Point

The people behind Mr Crackles are also those responsible for Thirsty Bird, so you just know you're guaranteed some damn good food. Packing a thick-ass batter, this chicken is definitely finger licking good.

8. Juicy Lucy, Surry Hills

Juicy Lucy may look like your average takeaway chicken shop, but the chicken in this place gets a delicious Asian treatment. With a choice of chicken burgers, drumettes, or tenders, you're guaranteed to find something you'll like.

9. Chir Chir, Burwood

Chir Chir is one of Asia's biggest fried chicken chains, so it makes sense as to why it's now so popular in Sydney. If you're someone who likes to push your limits, try a Nest Snow: a mix of fried chicken, broccoli, cheese shavings, and whipped cream.

10. The Soda Factory, Surry Hills

Everyone knows that Soda Factory is the spot for good food and good vibes. Home to all things American, it's really no surprise that the chicken in this place is some of Sydney's best.

11. Red Pepper Bistro, Strathfield

One of Western Sydney's hidden gems, Red Pepper Bistro serves 10 different kinds of fried chicken. It's here, inside Strathfield Sports Club, where you'll find some of the best Korean fried chicken you'll ever eat!

12. The Sparrow's Mill Express, Haymarket

Following the success of Red Pepper, Sparrow's Mill was created. This CBD takeaway brings the crispy fried chicken of the west all the way to the city without losing any of the flavour.

13. Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken, various locations

There is nothing better than food that is fast, cheap, and just really fucking delicious. Thankfully for us, Hot-Star has been popping up all over Sydney to give us fried chicken which is exactly that.

14. Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

Reuben Hills is a cute lil' cafe that serves some damn good American food which, of course, includes great fried chicken. No, literally. Their fried chicken dish is called "Really Fucking Great Fried Chicken".

15. Beschico, Epping

Beschico serves up fried chicken in three simple ways: traditional, soy, and spicy. So you just know that they're all about quality food and quality flavours.

16. Surly's, Surry Hills

Serving up quality American fare, Surly's is a hot spot to get some super crunchy fried chicken. Unfortunately, unlike most fried chicken places, you can only order two pieces at a time.

17. Johnny Lobster, Crows Nest

Johnny Lobster's fried chicken is unlike any other. The chicken, which is served with hot sauce, mayo, and slaw, has a crispy outer and is juicy and tender inside.

18. And Clem's Chicken Shop, Newtown

There can't be a list of great fried chicken without mentioning Clem's. Simply put, the small takeaway shop nestled in Newtown just serves really damn good fried chicken. Plus, you can't leave without a side of fries and gravy, now can you?