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29 Things Only Filipino-Australians Will Understand

"Pass me the pst, ano, the ah, thing."

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13. And your Filo parent despises when you use the word forced and food in the same sentence.


"DON'T TALK LIKE THAT 'NAK, FOOD IS A BLESSING! Alam mo ba kung ilang bata ang ginugutom sa Philippines?"

18. Your Filo parent calls you 'nak so much, you have a sneaking suspicion they doesn't even know your real name.

21. Your Filipino parent's favourite medical cure is a tub of Vicks or the home brand variant.

The cause for all your illness is because you go out too much or because you're on the phone too much.

22. And they believe that nursing is the only career path you should follow.

"You work in front of a computer? What do you do? Facebook all day? Is that even a REAL job?"

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