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29 Things Only Filipino-Australians Will Understand

"Pass me the pst, ano, the ah, thing."

1. Your weekend breakfast jumps between bacon and egg rolls...

2. ...and the irresistible combination of Spam, egg, and rice.

Especially when the Spam goes on sale at Woolies.

3. You don't really know when it's appropriate to use your hands or cutlery.

4. You have an array of Datu Puti vinegar in your cupboards...

5. ...which are also stocked with a heap of sweet chilli sauce for lumpia.

6. Takeout, especially KFC, is accompanied by rice.

Actually, every dish is accompanied by rice.

7. And parties mean big aluminium trays of Filo dishes next to the sausage sizzles.

Plus those parties mean leftovers for literal days.

8. If one of your parents are Aussie, they always have trouble pronouncing traditional dishes.

Adobo = OH-DOW-BOW

9. And your Filipino parent always asks whether you want "filo food" or "white food".

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

10. A lot of their texts are written in Taglish.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

11. In the summer you buy bags of ice from the servo for Halo-Halo, not for a cool drink.

12. You're forced to eat pancit on your birthday for good luck.

Long noodles = long life.

13. And your Filo parent despises when you use the word forced and food in the same sentence.


"DON'T TALK LIKE THAT 'NAK, FOOD IS A BLESSING! Alam mo ba kung ilang bata ang ginugutom sa Philippines?"

14. One of your biggest struggles is deciding whether you want a debut for your 18th or a big-bash for your 21st.


15. You confuse yourself alternating between "aunty" and "tita" all the time.


16. And you have a slew of titas and titos who aren't actually related to you in any way.


17. Your cousins really vary on the name scale from Barry to Bong Bong.


18. Your Filo parent calls you 'nak so much, you have a sneaking suspicion they doesn't even know your real name.

19. You spend the year collecting bulk grocery products for the balikbayan box.

20. Or your parents hoard all the clothes you grew out of for it.

21. Your Filipino parent's favourite medical cure is a tub of Vicks or the home brand variant.

The cause for all your illness is because you go out too much or because you're on the phone too much.

22. And they believe that nursing is the only career path you should follow.

"You work in front of a computer? What do you do? Facebook all day? Is that even a REAL job?"

23. Your Filo parent shows strange devotion to any Filipino on The X-Factor or The Voice.

Seven Network

24. And at parent-teacher interviews, they would somehow find the only other Filipino in the room.


25. If you have Aussie family you need to give them different start times to your Filipino family.

26. All the family come round for a Pacquiao match...

27. ...or for the NRL Grand Final.

28. Where everyone eats off your set of Corelle plates.

Bonus points if they're these exact ones.

29. And of course, everyone's tsinelas aka thongs are sprawled at the front door because "no shoes in the house".

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