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Kanye Livestreamed A Campfire And Horses For Over An Hour Instead Of His Album, And Everyone Made The Same Joke

That new Kanye is literal fire.

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On Thursday night, Kanye West threw a listening party for his new album, YE, and kindly decided to live-stream it for his fans.

He flew a bunch of press, artists, and influencers out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he held the event.

@lifeofdesiigner / Via, @eamKanyeDaily / Via Twitter: @TeamKanyeDaily

While Kanye told his followers that the album streaming would start at 7PM MDT, the stream didn't start until after 8PM MDT.

Download the @WAV_Media app to watch the livestream of my album listening tonight in Jackson Hole, Wyoming 7PM MDT

And even after the stream began, eager fans were forced to watch footage of horses in a field and a campfire for over an hour.

It was safe to say fans were pretty annoyed by it all.

its almost 4am i'm staring at a livestream of horses walking around the things i do for kanye

Kanye really got me watching a campfire for 20 minutes

These horses in a few if Kanye don’t hurry up #WYOMING

Kanye has had me staring at horses and a bonfire for 11 minutes and I'm captivated.

Nigga I’m so fucking bored I feel like I’m in Wyoming or some shit

Some were getting into it, vibing to any and all of the sounds coming out of the stream.

me listening to fire crackle in this Kanye livestream from Wyoming

I hope this Kanye album is just 40 minutes of a crackling fire and someone who sounds like Chris Rock having a muffled conversation in the background, that would slap

So... are these nature sounds the album?

I need someone to put this Kanye Livestream in a ASMR video

But most people? Well, they just made the same joke.

Guess you can say.... Kanye’s album is FIRE

Kanye’s official album review. @DannyLoPriore

So thanks for the fire, Ye. I guess?