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    People Just Realised Frank Ocean’s Real Album Release Date And They’re Mad

    Yo, why are you looking at the bottom of that due date slip?

    By now you've probably lost all faith in Frank Ocean, who was expected to drop his album Boys Don't Cry in July.

    However, what a bunch of us failed to notice was that July 2016 isn't the latest time stamp on his due date slip – 13 November 2016 is.

    And people aren't happy.

    When you realize the Frank Ocean album cover says November 13, 2016

    How I imagine everyone who didn't see November 13 as a date for the next Frank Ocean Release date

    OK, sure, he had a deal with Apple Music for an apparent July release, and he set up a cruel livestream of nothing...

    Frank Ocean is dropping his album on November 13th. We'll be watching that livestream for months

    ...but at least we now have something to ~maybe~ look forward to.

    Set your alarms for November 13th. That's the next date to be disappointed about no Frank Ocean album.

    Please come thru with the goods, Frank, we need it. 🙏


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