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Can You Pass This Really Hard A To Z Disney Quiz?

It's time to put your childhood memory to the test.

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This is an A to Z quiz - the answer to the question corresponds to the relevant letter of the alphabet.
Walt Disney Productions

This is an A to Z quiz - the answer to the question corresponds to the relevant letter of the alphabet.

  1. A) Starting with A, what’s the name of one of Cinderella’s stepsisters?

  2. B) What food item did Aladdin steal from the marketplace?

  3. C) Which Disney antagonist is known for her black and white hair?

  4. D) What’s the name of the girl who hits the fish tank in Finding Nemo?

  5. E) Name the hyena in The Lion King that starts with the letter E:

  6. F) Name a Disney film starting with an F with three A’s in its title:

  7. G) Who is Cinderella’s mouse sidekick that starts with a G?

  8. H) Name a character from Hercules that starts with H that isn’t Hercules:

  9. I) What’s the name of Jafar’s pet bird in Aladdin?

  10. J) What film features the characters Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera?

  11. K) Name the man who asked to marry Pocahontas at the beginning of the film:

  12. L) What’s the name of Mulan’s love interest?

  13. M) In Monsters Inc, what's Boo's real name?

  14. N) Of the Seven Dwarfs, which one's name is the only one to contain an N?

  15. O) Which animated Disney character said, “some people are worth melting for”?

  16. P) Where do most of the lions live in The Lion King?

  17. Q) What character starting with Q lives in a bell tower?

  18. R) Starting with an R, what French dish shares the same name as a Disney animated film?

  19. S) Name the pub that Flynn takes Rapunzel to in Tangled:

  20. T) What’s the name of the crab in Moana who's obsessed with shiny objects?

  21. U) Name the Disney villain who's part human and part octopus:

  22. V) What’s the name of the oldest child in The Incredibles?

  23. W) In Finding Nemo, what "language" can Dory speak?

  24. X) Name the eel-like creature in the TV series of Aladdin:

  25. Y) Who’s the purple-clad villain from The Emperor’s New Groove?

  26. Z) Name the red-billed bird from The Lion King:

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