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    17 Photos That Prove The World Simply Isn't Worthy Of Service Dogs

    I need a moment. I think I've drowned in my own tears.

    1. This patient pup who waited for his portrait to be painted.

    2. And this one in training who just couldn't handle all the fun of Disneyland.

    3. This smart pupper who was given an honorary master's degree for sitting through all his owner's classes.

    4. And this one who could barely stay awake for any classes at all.

    5. This guide dog meeting his ultimate cartoon dog idol.

    6. And this one who just wished he was part of the pack.

    7. This helpful pup who was the most perfect grocery shopping companion.

    8. And this one who was just trying to be like all of the dogs in the movies.

    9. This service dog who scrubbed up well for his owner's military ball.

    10. And this one who was ready to celebrate his birthday, jersey and all.

    11. This big guide dog teaching this smaller guide pupper how to be good at his job.

    12. And this one who's totally chill hanging out with all kinds of smaller animals.

    13. These service pups who are total professionals at testing things for safety.

    14. And this one who tests all soft toys for quality assurance.

    15. This camo-clad pup who donned noise-cancelling headphones so his owner could enjoy a concert.

    16. And this one who is always just dressed appropriately.

    17. Plus, of course, this blind pup with a guide dog all his own.

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