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Kanye Opened His Pop-Up In Sydney And It Was One Big Fucking Mess

The Life of Standing in Line for Nine Hours as They Serve One Customer at a Time.

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Some more entrepreneurial types camped out for the sole purpose of reselling at a higher price.


"The Don" brought his friend with him so he could "hook him up to sell more shit" in case there was a cap on the number of items he could buy.


Unfortunately for those waiting in line the whole day, there was no cap on purchases, leaving many customers disappointed.


Rumours in the line were that you could purchase a maximum of only three items. This actually turned out to be three of each item in each size.

Many of those in line caved in and bought these marked-up items as a result of the line moving SO slowly throughout the day.

Those that arrived at 8.30am weren't let into the store until eight hours later. At one point in Bondi the outlet was only serving ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

🙃 I've 🙃 been 🙃 awake 🙃 since 🙃6.15 🙃 for 🙃 this 🙃 Sydney 🙃 Kanye 🙃 pop 🙃 up 🙃 and 🙃 they're 🙃 letting 🙃 in 🙃 one 🙃 person 🙃 at 🙃 a 🙃 time 🙃


Beyond the issues that came with the first day of selling, Sydneysiders were also disappointed with the lime-green colour they were offered compared to the neutral sand of Melbourne.

The NY and LA Pablo merch is so much better than what's being sold in Sydney

sydney definitely took the L on pablo merch