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    24 Struggles That Are Too Real For Anyone In A Friend Group Of Three

    One of you has to be the Michelle to the Beyoncé and Kelly.

    1. Whenever they go out together and post online, you feel left out and take it way too personally.

    @A__heather / Via Twitter: @A__heather

    "Why didn't they invite me?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Oh god, what if they're talking about me?!"

    2. And you always fear that they're better friends and don't really need you.

    @NotoriousCeee / Via Twitter: @NotoriousCeee

    3. If you're the one who brought the group together, whenever the other two hang out without you, it hurts more than it should.


    4. You're often left feeling like a child in the backseat as your two besties drive and ride shotgun together.

    @SierraSlytherin / Via Twitter: @SierraSlytherin

    5. Whenever you have a plus-one to something, it's like having to choose your favourite child.


    6. And if you're all in the same class, one of you has to scramble to find a partner while the other two go together.

    when the teacher says, "find a partner" & you don't know anyone in the class #GrowingUpShy

    7. One of you is always left sitting alone when you go out to eat at restaurants.

    @plharrington_92 / Via Twitter: @plharrington_92

    Alternatively, you all just try your hardest to squish up together.

    8. Or even worse, someone is left trailing behind when you all walk along the sidewalk.

    When you have to walk behind your friends on the sidewalk...

    9. And sometimes you feel like the third wheel when they bring up personal jokes you're not part of.

    10. When one of them tells you something about the other, you get defensive because they think you don't already know.


    11. Any conversation that doesn't happen in the group chat feels like intense betrayal.

    when u in a group chat and someone from the chat msgs u from outside the chat. that shit be feeling mad serious, like why we whispering fam?

    12. Your favourite friend in the group always changes depending on who pisses you off that day.

    @LizTERINE_ / Via Twitter: @LizTERINE_

    13. But there’s always one of you that the other two consider to be their closest friend.


    14. Whenever there's a fight between your friends you feel totally stuck in the middle and are forced to pick a side.

    @meth_confession / Via Twitter: @meth_confession

    15. Someone has to sacrifice their "good side" and be in the middle of all the photos.


    16. Sadly, only one of you is going to be the other's best, best friend on Snapchat.



    17. And you forever fear that you're at the bottom of the friendship tier.

    @raamoonsiitoo_ / Via Twitter: @raamoonsiitoo_

    Look, someone's got to be the Michelle Williams to the Destiny's Child.

    18. When you go out one of you has to become the least intoxicated and try to control the two other drunks.

    @sorealpost / Via Twitter: @sorealpost

    19. You have to make sure you book seats in the middle of planes so that you definitely get a three-seater.

    Universal Pictures

    20. And when you go shopping, "buy one, get one free" deals become a struggle of mathematics and fractions.

    @AstralCEO / Via Twitter: @AstralCEO

    21. When you have a food suggestion it can be instantly vetoed by a majority vote.


    22. But the "up to you, I don't care" answer is more frustrating when all three of you have no suggestions but are actually fussy AF.


    23. You've got more people hitting you with those necessary truth bombs.

    @bethanie_wilson / Via Twitter: @bethanie_wilson

    24. But at the end of the day, you love your two besties with your whole heart and wouldn't have it any other way.

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