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If You've Ever Wanted To Taste A Cloud, Look No Further Than This Sydney Ice Cream Parlour

I hear it tastes like salt, and tomato.

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The answer is salt.

And fairy floss. And popping candy. And toasted marshmallows. And popcorn.

Sydney's Aqua S, ice cream parlour has combined these elements, and the result is magical.

The aqua coloured, sea salt flavoured soft serve is the staple flavour.

Aqua S state that, "fun, innovative and exquisiteness are the key elements," for their ice cream.

So, you can remove the popcorn and popping candy.

Feel free to omit the toasted marshmallow.

Popcorn not your jam? No problem!

You can even ditch the cone all together.

Whatever the combination, deliciousness is guaranteed.

If you're in Sydney, and want to taste the closest thing you'll find to a cloud, Aqua S is located on George Street, and now also in Macquarie Centre.

If you're not in Sydney but still want to see their magical creations, follow @aquas_au on Instagram, and be sure to stalk the tags.

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