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    Blue Ivy's Rap From Jay-Z's Album Has Been Released And People Can't Handle It

    First Asahd, now Blue? Kanye, you better get North into that studio ASAP.

    Today Jay-Z blessed the world by dropping his new album 4:44 on iTunes and Apple Music, and along with it, the bonus track “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family”.

    The song features his daughter, 5-year-old Blue Ivy, spitting 45 seconds of straight fire.

    And people were quick to crown Blue the new queen of rap.

    .@BET, listen up. Next year, you're gonna give Blue Ivy her THINGS. Best Female Hip Hop Artist is HERS in 2018. Und…

    Heard Blue Ivy's freestyle and had to fix the cover.

    Some people kinda understood what Blue was saying...

    Blue Ivy: "everything is shaka, everything is flacka" Me:

    "Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka. Everything in shaka, everything in faka" Blue Ivy ATE this.

    ...and those who didn't still agreed that she had some fire bars regardless.

    Blue ivy: cjxkdnsbfksbdb and tbsksjsbsbfkf sks Actually me:

    me @ miss Blue Ivy's freestyle even though I'm not entirely sure what baby girl is saying

    Blue Ivy: "Never seen a didnsusnsidjdjdrjdj in my whole life Me:

    Which, let's be real, was bound to happen considering who her super-talented parents are.

    Sis has rhythm in her genetics. COME THRU BLUE IVY. Kidz bop is QUIVERING.

    Others even took the time to point out just how deep Blue's lyrics were for someone so young.

    "boom Chaka Laka....everything in Chaka" - Blue Ivy "I'm EVERY woman, it's all IN ME" - Chaka Khan

    Blue Ivy said she never seen a ceiling in her whole life...meaning she don't believe in limits #StayWoke

    Blue IVY SNAPPPED! Sis said "never seem to see them in my whole life" 😭

    Really, though, people were just shook by the amount of young talent the world's been blessed with lately.

    Asahd pulling up to the studio after hearing Blue Ivy's verse

    Can you imagine a blue ivy track produced by ASAHD? The revolution is starting, folks. Tell your faves goodbye while you have a chance to.

    Blue Ivy needs to come out with a mixtape next year and Asahd needs to produce it. Bout to be LIT

    All I know is Kanye better get North into that studio ASAP.

    When Kanye realizes it's time to put North West in the studio after hearing Blue Ivy...