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18 Baby Gender Reveals That'll Make You Actually Think About Having A Kid

All babies are good babies.

1. This cool af umbrella powder cascade.

2. And this really pretty double-ended smoke bomb.

@boobs_n_tattoos / Via Twitter: @GenderReveaIs

3. This group's coloured silly string reveal.

@antmgrosso / Via

4. This accurate basketball shot celebration.

5. And this adorable baseball hit reveal.

6. This powder-filled football kick.

@miss_ana24 / Via

7. And this one perfect for any golf fanatic.

8. This dope invisible ink and water reveal.

@chrislord22 / Via

9. This single confetti canon shot.

10. And this group confetti celebration.

@garzoriae / Via

11. This classic helium balloon box reveal.

12. And this genius floating balloon in a box idea.

13. This exciting pull-down reveal.

@_aubriane / Via

14. And this dressed bear hidden inside a chest.

@reesysworld / Via Twitter: @GenderReveaIs

15. This classic cake surprise.

@thestilettomeup / Via

16. And this powder shoot-out from afar.

17. This reveal that's perfect for any rev-head.

18. And this adorably extra building light change.

@jbakes2323 / Via Twitter: @GenderReveaIs

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