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18 Baby Gender Reveals That'll Make You Actually Think About Having A Kid

All babies are good babies.

1. This cool af umbrella powder cascade.

2. And this really pretty double-ended smoke bomb.

3. This group's coloured silly string reveal.

4. This accurate basketball shot celebration.

5. And this adorable baseball hit reveal.

6. This powder-filled football kick.

7. And this one perfect for any golf fanatic.

8. This dope invisible ink and water reveal.

9. This single confetti canon shot.

10. And this group confetti celebration.

11. This classic helium balloon box reveal.

12. And this genius floating balloon in a box idea.

13. This exciting pull-down reveal.

14. And this dressed bear hidden inside a chest.

15. This classic cake surprise.

16. And this powder shoot-out from afar.

17. This reveal that's perfect for any rev-head.

18. And this adorably extra building light change.