A Brit Forced Me To Watch "Peep Show" And Uh... I Had A Lot Of Questions

    "Is all British humour this dry and dark?"

    Hello all, I'm Michelle, a Buzz writer from Australia, and this is Remee, a senior editor from the UK, who I recently made friends with. This is us.

    Recently, we challenged each other to each watch an iconic show from each of our countries. She chose Peep Show for me, which is apparently big in the UK yet I'd never heard of it before.

    So I set up the episode, kicked back, and started to watch... and it turns out I had a WHOLE lot of questions for Remee and you Brits...


    2. Who do these people look the same and why is this not a nude game show like the title suggests?

    3. Wait... Mark... as in... is this THE "Well Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Jeremy" Mark?

    Remee: I'm glad Mark has some level of notoriety where you are, because the world needs to be appreciate what a true icon he is. He's like that weird uncle everyone has, a total fucking embarrassment most of the time, but yet wise in so many ways.

    4. "What would you know about love and happiness?" Damn. Is all British humour this dry and dark? If so, I'm here for it.

    5. Wait...are they about to have a threesome? IS THIS WHAT BRITISH PORN IS LIKE??

    6. Is that Jeremy's formal wear? Is that normal formal wear for you lot? Because that's literally what my dad wears to work.

    Remee: Ok first of all, THIS IS MARK. Jeremy is the one that wears slogan T-shirts and lots of camouflage and sometimes silk kimono robes.

    Secondly, Mark is basically Jeremy's dad anyway, so yeah, his dad attire makes complete sense. And this isn't his FORMAL wear, it's his EVERYDAY wear. What do you expect from a man who works at a..wait what does Mark even do? Something fucking boring, anyway.

    Besides, it's cold and wet in Croydon, you live there long enough even you would start wearing a nice sensible V-neck jumper from M&S.

    7. Also, are you guys just born with an immunity to these hella jumpy camera angles? Because my head HURTS from all this shaking.

    8. Wait, what? They’re suddenly having sex? I guess Jeremy isn’t that awkward after all if he can go from dad dancing to fucking in one minute...is this ~normal~ viewing for y'all?

    Remee: Mate, this is the only kind of viewing for us. Besides, this is actually tame for Jez and Nancy, trust me. Things get a lot worse. A lot worse.

    9. HANG ON. WHAT A WASTE OF YOGURT. I get that our Aussie dollar is pretty shit compared to the pound but, damn. Surely that's an expensive way to spice things up in the bedroom...right???

    10. Oh god. What did they do with Mark's toothbrush? WHAT COULD THEY HAVE DONE WITH IT???

    Remee: I think we all know what they did with the toothbrush. And this is why everyone should just live alone. So you can stick whatever you want up your own bumhole.

    11. Hold on. Was that blonde girl Jeremy's girlfriend before dance class? If not, that was VERY quick progression. That is not like us at ALL.

    12. Hang on, they’re skinny dipping? In BRITAIN? How are they not dead? I don't think they'd even do this in Neighbours.

    13. “FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF.” Is it safe to assume that everyone in the UK is pretty much just like Gordon Ramsay then?

    Remee: Fuck off.


    15. So... this is a full-blown orgy. I'm watching this full-screen in front of a glass wall and people walking past can see it. Is there room in the UK for me to fly over and hide for the rest of my life?

    Remee: Welcome to the best of UK comedy my dear friend: Awkward, difficult to watch, and completely humiliating.

    I'm sending you the boxset right now, but in the meantime, here's an actual naked gameshow you and the rest of Australia should check out...