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    21 Struggles That Everyone Living With Their Parents Will Recognise

    Team forever forgetting to take the chicken out of the freezer.

    1. Coming home after a long day and having your parents try to control how you live your life.

    2. Or even worse when they're unsure about how they want you to live your life.

    3. So you try to live by your parents' rules... even though it doesn't always work out.

    4. And sometimes those rules really affect your social life.

    5. But even when you are at home, it's hard trying to work around your family.

    6. Like when you forget that you can't be as messy as you want.

    7. And you often get forced into social situations you hate to be in.

    8. So you ~try~ to escape and get some privacy by staying in your room and it becomes a problem too.

    9. Your parents often send you mixed signals about your spending.

    10. They guilt trip you into contributing but when you try to give money for rent they refuse.

    11. So you try to pull your weight around the house in other ways but that backfires.

    12. You stress like crazy when you forget to do the jobs you were actually asked to do.

    When your mom gets home and you realize you forgot to take the chicken out the freezer

    13. So you try to avoid the consequences at any cost.

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    14. You always try extra hard to be courteous when everyone's sleeping...

    Me when my Mom is sleeping VS My Mom when I'm sleeping

    15. ...and that favour isn't always returned.

    16. Your mother tends to drive you crazy.

    17. Because you have to deal with her forever-changing attitude.

    18. And because she decides how you get your mail delivered.

    19. You tend to just struggle to exist without annoying her.

    20. But you remember that your parents deal with a lot of your shit and that living at home isn't all that bad.

    21. And you have to just accept the fact you're probably going to be there for a while.

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