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22 Of The Worst Things That Have Happened To Pizza

I'm personally offended.

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1. This failed attempt at multi-tasking.

@bredurbb / Via

2. And this really fucking bad time management.

@kill_me_again_with_love / Via

3. This poor attempt at spreading out toppings.

@kjunier / Via

4. And this straight-up clumsy disrespect.

@locostacoscatering / Via

5. This stupidity that really could have been prevented.

@katenoblett / Via Twitter: @katenoblett

6. And this one that was probably just an honest (but painful) mistake.

@LakerDodgerJag / Via Twitter: @LakerDodgerJag

7. This embarrassing attempt at a vegetarian pizza.

@YVQUB / Via Twitter: @YVQUB

8. And this shitty go at vegan.

@kariLOU88 / Via Twitter: @kariLOU88

9. This really poor delivery form.

@mlrock / Via

10. And this even worse, super slippery delivery mishap.

@MtheUnstoppable / Via Twitter: @MtheUnstoppable

11. This fool calling it "zza" when it's actually just bread with a few leaves.

@ColdFries / Via Twitter: @ColdFries

12. And this sorry excuse that just looks like sadness.

@uglyfoods / Via

13. This really sad pepperoni order.

@mattborzillo / Via Twitter: @mattborzillo

14. And this more generous, but way too crisp variant.

@GFirresistibly / Via Twitter: @GFirresistibly

15. This pizza with not enough.

@brokenvertebra / Via Twitter: @brokenvertebra

16. And this one with way, way too much.

@tetenioooo_ / Via Twitter: @tetenioooo_

17. This slice that took the "out there" toppings a little too out there.

@diabolicoMarco / Via Twitter: @diabolicoMarco

18. And this one that was just showing off.

@citygirlhanna / Via Twitter: @citygirlhanna

19. This pizza place that couldn't be arsed getting a bigger box.

@5SOS_Updates_LA / Via Twitter: @5SOS_Updates_LA

20. And this one that got a bit too excited with the food colour.

@kenzieeyeoman / Via

21. This really sad frozen pizza tale.

@whitcombandcate / Via Twitter: @whitcombandcate

22. And worst of all, these pizza-less pizza rolls.

@jensenluciani23 / Via Twitter: @jensenluciani23