Only A True Aussie Can Get 13/13 On This Visual Riddle Quiz

Hoo-roo mate, ta-ta, best be starting this quiz now.

1. Visual riddles or rebus puzzles are pretty fun. They’re not only fun to look at but they also really make you think outside the box.

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This answer to this one, for example, is “seven seas”.

Here are 13 others with an Aussie spin.

    1. Potato scallop
    2. A potato scallop
    3. Potato scallops
    1. She’ll be right
    1. Yeah, nah
    2. Yeah nah
    3. Yeh nah
    4. Yeh, nah
    1. Pash rash
    2. A pash rash
    1. Shithouse
    2. Shit house
    3. Thats shithouse
    4. That’s shithouse
    5. Thats shit house
    6. That’s shit house
    1. Goon bag
    2. A goon bag
    1. No worries
    1. Hot like a sunrise
    2. Hot today like a sunrise
    3. Rhonda and Ketut
    4. Rhonda & Ketut
    5. You look hot today Rhonda
    6. You look hot today Rhonda, like a sunrise!
    7. You look hot today Rhonda like a sunrise
    8. You look hot today Rhonda like a sunrise!
    9. You look hot today Rhonda, like a sunrise
    1. Dingo ate my baby
    2. A dingo ate my baby
    3. Dingo ate
    4. A dingo ate
    1. Flat white
    2. Flatwhite
    3. Flat-white
    4. A flatwhite
    5. A flat white
    1. Swooping season
    2. A swooping season
    3. The swooping season
    1. Macca’s run
    2. Maccas run
    3. McDonald’s run
    4. McDonalds run
    1. Heaps dog
    2. Thats heaps dog
    3. That’s heaps dog

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Michelle Rennex is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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