People Are Pissed At Gigi Hadid For Making Fun Of Asians On Instagram

    Anyone keen to tell her that her boyfriend's Asian? Anyone?

    Yesterday Bella Hadid posted a video on her Instagram story showing her sister, Gigi Hadid, mocking Asians.

    this is y'all woke palestine queen? Gigi out here mocking Asian people. i would say she's cancelled but she never s…

    The now-deleted video shows Gigi squinting her eyes to look like what appears to be a Buddha cookie on their table.

    Although Bella deleted the video, she left another one from the same night up, and fans were quick to drag Gigi.

    "gigi was joking so its not offensive" but what was there to joke about? the fact that she was joking is the reason why its offensive dummy

    imagine thinking gigi isn't racist b/c her intention wasn't to be racist. cannot relate

    But for the most part, people aren't surprised by her actions, especially because this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

    "Gigi Hadid is being racist again." Me:

    However, people from the Asian community are most offended by the Gigi fans who are defending her actions.

    Gigi mocking Asians is offensive af. I've been laughed at for having small eyes when I was a kid just like she mocked the Asian features

    And others are just wondering if Gigi actually realises that her own boyfriend is Asian.

    Who is gonna tell Gigi she is dating an Asian

    Gigi is a hypocrite for making fun of Asian people yet her bf Zayn is part Asian so in a way she's mocking him too

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Gigi Hadid's representatives for comment.