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21 Photos That Prove Supermarkets Exist In A World Of Their Own

"Oh yep, the whipped cream is in aisle 3, right next to the handcuffs."

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1. When they wanted you to know just how ripe their avos were:

Reddit: @4kiij6 /

2. And when they let everyone know their desired bacon customer:

Reddit: @4fmh8m /

3. When they saw the chance and took it:

Reddit: @3eblyd /

4. When they were every parent's worst nightmare:

Imgur: @IeOD /

5. When their advertising didn't quite go to plan:

Imgur: @ifyouwerereallyhardcoreyoudhavethrownafullbottle /

6. But when their subliminal LED light message did:

7. When they knew exactly what you were getting whipped cream for:

Imgur: @tetrahedron0 /

8. And when they knew what you really wanted for Valentine's Day:

Instagram: @__loveecoldblooded /

9. When they tried to meme up ice cream:

Imgur: @akkatracker /

10. When they caught you off guard with their spot-on take:

Reddit: @3urva1 /

11. When they made a typo...or were just really brutally honest about their quality:

Instagram: @chines84 /

12. When they started selling a different type of dip:

Reddit: @1tyc6o /

13. When they started selling a titillating meal:

Instagram: @t_ruley /

14. And when they pretty accurately summed up puberty for boys:

Instagram: @ash_the_alpaka /

15. When they gave parents a reason to celebrate:

Imgur: @GaryTheHiphopopotamus /

16. When they started mixing their intended audiences:

Instagram: @jacobdaviss /

17. When they were just straight to the point:

Imgur: @SqueakShow /

18. And when they laid down the law:

Reddit: @3qd0vd /

19. When they strategically priced their products:

Reddit: @tMoneyMoney /

20. When they had other ideas of where to get your protein dose:

Instagram: @dougiegirlie /

21. And when they didn't quite understand the difference between dad and daddy:

Instagram: @fab_254 /