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13 Things You Can Send Someone You Love That Are Better Than Flowers

Sure, flowers are pretty but can you eat them?

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1. A delicious doughnut bouquet from Dessert Boxes, NSW.

2. Or just a big, beautiful box of assorted treats from them.

3. A cute, fun-sized cake from Cake Mail, NSW.

4. Or a "cake" filled with sweet treats from Sydney Smash Cakes, NSW.

5. A boozy bouquet of beer from Brewquets, Australia-wide.

6. Or a classy chocolate and champagne mix from Lollypotz, Australia-wide.

7. An almost-too-pretty-to-eat cupcake bouquet from The Cupcake Room, NSW.

8. Or the healthier option, with one made of fruit from Edible Blooms, Australia-wide and New Zealand-wide.

9. A delectable box of chocolate-covered strawberries from Flowers by Fruit, NSW.

10. A big and bright lolly bouquet from Lollylicious, NSW, ACT, Queensland, and Victoria.

11. Or a nice, simple jar of lollies from Lollymail, Australia-wide.

12. A handful of pastel cake pops from Sugar Pop Bakery, Australia-wide.

13. Or if you're still wanting a plant, an itty-bitty succulent from Little Succers, NSW.