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    15 Places Along The Great Ocean Road That Look Like They Were Made For Instagram

    What's a trip without the perfect Instagram shot to match?

    1. Cape Patton Lookout


    Cape Patton is everything you could dream of in a lookout location. Whether you take a snap of the amazing view, or one of you looking at it, it's guaranteed to look beautiful.

    2. The Grotto

    3. Teddy's Lookout

    Bennymarty / Getty Images

    There are so many lookouts along the Great Ocean Road, it's hard to know which ones are worth pulling over for. In saying that, you should try to stop by Teddy's Lookout, which offers great views of the winding road between land and sea.

    4. Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch


    How else is everyone going to know where you drove if you don't snap a pic of it?! Plus, there's even a little, raised wooden platform meaning your photo is sure to look top-notch.

    5. Great Otway National Park


    Sure you can drive the Great Ocean Road, but did you know you can walk it too? There are various hikes you can do in the Otways, and all of them have views you won't be able to stop photographing. Trust me.

    6. Loch Ard Gorge

    Beboy_ltd / Getty Images

    Just down the road from the Twelve Apostles is the stunning Loch Ard Gorge which looks great from above or from the beach below. Just hope your day isn't too foggy so your photos can be crystal clear!

    7. Melba Gully

    8. Bells Beach


    The famous surf beach is worth the stop even if you don't know how to ride a wave. Plus there are multiple viewing platforms to help you get the perfect shot.

    9. London Bridge

    Bribar / Getty Images

    The London Bridge along the Great Ocean Road is quite different to the one in London, but in all the best ways. Before the middle of the bridge collapsed, it served as a natural archway and walking path.

    10. Cape Otway Lightstation


    Whether it’s a shot of the lightstation itself, or the view you get from the top of it, it's definitely a must-stop destination if you love architecture, history, or even just the sea.

    11. Erskine Falls

    12. Bay of Islands

    13. Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve


    This volcanic crater is home to an abundance of native flora and fauna which you can really get up close and personal with. Whether it's a photo of the kangaroos and emus that freely roam around, or a shot of the lake and surrounding hills, your photos are sure to look amazing.

    14. Split Point Lighthouse

    Kokkai / Getty Images

    Down in Aireys Inlet is The Split Point Lighthouse, another piece of architecture that's worth a look and a snap or two. This one probably looks pretty familiar to you, and that's because it's actually the lighthouse from Round The Twist!

    15. The Twelve Apostles


    You probably already knew this one, but I'm just cementing the fact that it really is a must-stop destination. You'll spot a sea of cameras and tourists once you get there, and with good reason.

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