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11 Times Gordon Ramsay Didn't Have A Heart And 11 Times He Surprisingly Did

It's all about balance, you doughnuts.

1. That time he let everyone know that he didn't give a fuck about anyone's feelings:

Except of course, those of the kids cooking for him:

2. That time he gave this Hell's Kitchen contestant some false hope:

And when he took his time to give this junior chef some calming advice:

3. That time he expressed his surprise and hatred over this pigeon:

And when he switched up his look for a bit of fun:

4. That time he took a profanity-laden dig at people giving out shitty Halloween treats:

And when he proved he can use his P's and Q's... sometimes:

5. That time he delivered his most iconic of burns:

And when he was fine with delivering a blow or two to himself:

6. That time he likened the food to his family:

And when he took a break from being so serious all the time:

7. That time he set this woman right up for failure:

And when he made sure this blind MasterChef contestant knew she was a success:

8. That time he took aim at an innocent child:

But when he made sure to be there for a baby in need:

9. That time he called on the man above for a lil' help:

And when he did it again, for more sincere reasons:

10. That time he was probably the meanest he's ever been:

But proved he was capable of delivering critique lightheartedly too:

11. That time he said what everyone else were thinking:

And when he showed that he still has a pretty big heart at the end of the day:

Ah, Ramsay. Never change. 🥇