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22 Jokes From "The Simpsons" That Totally Went Over Your Head As A Kid

One hot beef injection, please!

1. This kitchenware misunderstanding.

2. And this familiar scent.

3. This sad reality.

4. And this pretty damn accurate description.

5. This ~piss-poor~ reporting.

6. And this handy, multipurpose purchase.

7. This quick romance.

8. And this even faster revelation.

9. This ~shitty~ sign.

10. And this unfortunate name change.

11. This pre-wedding worry.

12. And this excited encouragement.

13. This helpful warning.

14. And this fashion choice.

15. This nautical quip.

16. And this painful problem.

17. This sound advice.

18. And this sly political commentary.

19. This delicious gift.

20. And this considerate offer.

21. This value-for-money deal.

22. And this hopefully not literal slogan.