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People Have Mixed Feelings About Shaunae Miller Winning The 400-Meter Gold Medal

"I nominate Shaunae Miller for greatest Olympian. She won at track and field AND diving."

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Bahamian runner Shaunae Miller just won the gold in the women's 400-meter in Rio by diving over the finish line.

Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

And people online have mixed feelings about the whole situation. Some are mad...


So Shaunae Miller won a gold for the new event of land diving, apparently. Allyson Felix won a gold for running the 400m, in my opinion. _

Shaunae Miller won't be remembered as Shaunae Miller. She'll be remembered as the girl that had to dive to beat Allyson Felix

Others are supportive of Miller's tactics.

Shaunae Miller's dive was to recover from falling. Sprinters know the quickest way across the line is a well timed lean. Trust me on that.

Ppl are mad Miller won with a dive but most pro's at one point have used that tactic to win. Miller didn't cheat Allyson, she won fair.

Everyone is complaining on how Shaunae Miller's dive to win the 400m is cheating, but all I got to say is "Torso is torso" #AllysonFelix

Some people have even pointed out that this isn't the first time a runner has dived for a medal, like American David Neville, who won bronze in 2008.

Smh to all the Americans dissing, watch the 400m men's final in 2008 and watch y'all dive

USA's David Neville won bronze in 400 at 2008 Olympics by diving. It's part of the sport.

But tbh, most people are just finding the fun in it all.

Shaunae Miller winning gold medals like

lemme tell yall if it come down to a chance to medal at the olympics i would dive prelims,semi and finals lol shhhhh backflip thru that line

Hey @Hey_ItsShaunae when u get back from Rio, come join us at practice. I think you have some untapped potential ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I got my degree the same way Shaunae Miller won looooooooool #Olympics

Shaunae Miller be like... #Rio2016

I nominate Shaunie Miller for greatest Olympian. She won at track and field AND diving

Allyson Felix when she's standing next to Shaunae Miller on the podium.

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