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    Updated on 1 Aug 2018. Posted on 9 Jul 2018

    21 Reviews That Just Might Be Better Than The Products Themselves

    God bless the internet.

    1. This pretty damn convincing mattress testimonial:

    2. This reviewer dedicated to the cause:

    Y’all I was really out here looking for a new eyeliner and look at this review lmfaooo She deadass took a picture in her neck brace I am deceased 😩

    3. And this review giving the people what they want to hear:

    4. This situation we've all found ourselves in at one point:

    This review from forever 21 is honestly a mood

    5. And this scenario we really never thought would happen:

    6. This actually fair point when you think about it:

    @u/evilgator / Via

    7. And this one that took things a little too literally:

    8. This keyboard review, that I'm certain was written in Simlish:

    @u/Pigeoncow / Via

    9. This rating that's pretty grim but also extremely helpful:

    Rate my professor is really something

    10. And this review that ended up a lot darker than expected:

    11. This heartwarming mouse recommendation:

    this is a cute review. i hope this person is having a nice day.

    12. And this proof that Rihanna is actually an angel/wizard/God:

    13. This man who really took one for the team:

    if you're having a bad day take a moment to watch this review of zoella's £50 advent calendar i'm howling

    14. And this cat who was pretty much forced to take one for the team:

    15. This very important and valid question:

    @u/olivepig / Via

    16. And this alcohol review that'll leave you with many questions and a sudden urge to drink:

    17. This Valentine's Day disappointment thanks to an extremely disproportionate teddy bear:

    18. This review of a, well, unexpected delivery:

    19. This person proving they understand the concept of a book:

    Thank you for this review, Paul. I'm glad that Turtles All the Way Down met your expectations.

    20. And these people demonstrating that they don't:

    My favorite thing on amazon is seeing one star manga reviews from people who don't know how manga work

    21. And this simple one word summary of it all:

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