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    36 Snacks From Your Childhood That You Vaguely Remember But Forgot The Names Of

    *cries in equal hunger and nostalgia*

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community what the one thing from their childhood was that no one else ever remembers. The responses were overwhelming! So here are the snacks that people hope you remember too...

    1. Mickey's Magix Cereal

    Disney / Via

    There was a Mickey Mouse cereal that turned the milk blue after you ate it. It was amazing! I ask my friends about it all the time and no one remembers! –angelar443efb95e

    2. Planters P.B. Crisps


    P.B. Crisps were the best snack food ever, and I only know one other person who remembers them. –lilianahowardl

    3. Yogos / Yogos Bits

    Kellog / NACO

    There were these little snacks when I was about ten called Yogos. They were just balls of yogurt-covered jelly candy. I loved those things! –Katelyn.K

    4. Shark Bites

    Shark Bites fruit snacks! They don't get nearly enough attention for some reason. They were the best and I'm still pissed that they aren't around anymore. –ilikeaffenpinschers

    5. Bug Pops / Bugz


    I CONSTANTLY miss Bug Pops! –iluvgir91

    6. Gobblestix

    Gobblestix turkey sticks... the size of a mini hot dog, that you eat cold! –enfenton

    7. KFC Chicken Bowl

    @vivian_choichoi / Via

    There used to be an amazing deal at KFC. I can't remember what it was called but it was this bowl with heaps of cheese, Popcorn chicken, and corn in it, and it was THE BEST thing I have ever had. –acaciaw3

    8. Pop Qwiz Popcorn

    @GeorgeVHS / Via

    Pop Secret had coloured popcorn and you didn’t know what you were getting until you popped it. People doubted us for years. –jeannelemons

    9. Dessert Lunchables

    They were my absolute favourite treat as a kid. They had five or so different ones, but my favourites were the star-shaped sugar cookie with blue frosting and sprinkles, and the fudge brownie with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. They were only around for a few years, but no one remembers them when I bring it up. It took some Googling to prove I wasn’t crazy. –taylorangelinac

    10. Muncheros


    Muncheros! Tastiest chips! –shelleyw4ed1fe351

    11. Tigger Tails


    These were literally my favourite popsicles when I was growing up. I always bolted to the freezer aisle for them. –skyr436c9628c

    12. Quisp Crunchy Corn Cereal

    @gnpace / Via

    Quisp!! These were actually from my mom’s childhood, but we had them all the time when I was little, in the '90s. –lesliee42234eb48

    13. Colour changing Cheetos

    Via, @Mirtheous / Via

    Cheetos that turned your tongue green. –emmaclaireg2

    14. Banana Popsicles


    They came in a pack with root beer and lime, and were the greatest sick day treat EVER! I’ve mentioned them several times to my husband over the past eight years and he thinks I’m looney. –kealys

    15. Heinz EZ Squirt

    @That90sGuy / Via

    That green and purple ketchup that came out and was around for a while, in like 2002-2003. I think the green one came out because of Shrek. –TwoCagedBirds

    16. Cooler Ranch Doritos

    NOT Cool Ranch. I have no clue how long they were around with that name, but no one else seems to remember them. –b4623fd150

    17. Undercover Bears Instant Oatmeal

    @frostynostalgia / Via

    Undercover Bears oatmeal. I absolutely loved that stuff and would 100% buy a box tomorrow if they re-released it, but my husband is the same age as me and doesn't remember it at all! –brandyf2

    18. Tiny Teddy Dippers

    @best_of_the_90s_ / Via

    Kind of like Dunkaroos but with Tiny Teddies and pink frosting. I was only allowed to have them like twice in my life. –brennaaa

    19. Oreo O's Cereal

    @nick_basra / Via

    No one else seems to remember the Oreo O's cereal when they were first out. They recently started selling it again, and I got really excited but none of my friends remembered them. –mariae4d5cd9e2e

    20. Froot Loops with Marshmallows

    Via, @chelseastigers / Via

    When Fruit Loops had marshmallows! To this day, no one believes me. –isabellam4e6faca8d

    21. Mickey's Parade Ice Pops

    Good Humor / Via

    They were always my favourite and whenever I bring them up, no one seems to remember! –korbynfever

    22. Fritos Racerz

    Fritos / Via

    They were similar to the Honey BBQ Twists we have now, but shaped like little racecars. I kept seeing the commercial, so of course I begged my mom for the first (and last) bag I ever saw at the store. Pretty sure they were gross, but at the time they tasted like victory. –hopscotch

    23. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal


    Every time I bring it up, people are like "you mean Rice Krispies?". No. I do not. They were limited edition and came in a purple box. They were little chunks of dehydrated, crunchy Rice Krispie Treats. –smrtblonde77

    24. Flamin' Hot Cheetos Asteroids

    They were like little balls of hot Cheetos, that had way more dust than any other Cheetos. They came in a black plastic container with a lid you could dump them in. I would literally give almost anything to have them again. No other Flamin' Hot products taste like that. I still dream about them. –Megan Brooke Klaine, Facebook

    25. Oreo Cakesters

    These were the best thing ever! Idk why Nabisco had to DISCONTINUE THEM. –uno.dos.trecool

    26. Nesquik Push-Up

    Nestle / Via

    Those Nesquik Push-Up pops. No one ever remembers! –alyssac40e9ebb9d

    27. Buzz Blasts Cereal

    Disney / Via

    It was my favourite. The purple pieces were the best part! –joryg

    28. Guacamole Doritos

    @TheReviewSpot / Via

    Does anyone remember these?! They were my FAVE snack to eat when I was little. I saw you can order them on Amazon, but they’re not sold in-store anymore. –calliew41ae575c1

    29. Lipton Alligator Soup

    Lipton / Via

    Like their chicken noodle soup but with alligator noodles. It’s probably Canadian after the Canadian kids book Alligator Soup.ajk4a8308780

    30. Pocahontas Ice Cream Cups

    I have memories of enjoying this at my grandparents' house on hot summer days! It was delicious!!! The crunchy things on top were prime. –


    31. Quaker Instant Oatmeal Dinosaur Eggs

    Quakers / Via

    I saved up so many empty packets for that colour changing bowl! It was worth it! –samanthamariec

    32. Gripz


    They had Cheez-It and Chips Deluxe, and probably some other ones. Little pieces of those foods in a package so small, that you would basically drink them. –tgjohnson96

    33. Grizzly Chomps

    Hostess / Via

    This drove me crazy for years and I was mostly convinced I'd made them up, until I went down a Google rabbit hole one day searching. It was a snack cake with a bite already taken out of it. The gimmick was that this "bear" (that is not a bear) had done it. –stephanieh4876a3c76

    34. Shrek McFlurry

    For some odd reason, I vividly remember McDonald's coming out with a McFlurry that was Shrek-themed, and it actually being good. –heavenms

    35. Oreo Magic Dunkers

    Nabisco / Via

    I remember these Oreos that would turn your milk blue when you dunked them. –meghanp4f27cf8a5

    36. Pokémon Toasted Oat Cereal with Marshmallow Bits


    The Pokémon cereal was my absolute favourite as a kid and I'm so sad they don't make it anymore. The little marshmallow Pickachus and Dittos were the best part. –Michelle Rennex

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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