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    Updated on 2 Apr 2019. Posted on 10 Jul 2018

    26 Drinks And Candy That People Remember But Swear Everyone Else Has Forgotten

    Petition for Super Mario soda to come tf back.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community what the one thing from their childhood was that no one else ever remembers. The responses were overwhelming! So here are the drinks and candy that people hope you remember too...

    1. Creme Savers Hard Candy

    @dsp202 / Via

    2. Hubba Bubba Soda

    @tsediva / Via

    "It was horrible, but I always asked for it at the store anyways just because. C'mon, it was bubblegum-flavoured soda!" – victoriaz4f66d6ab4

    3. Spice World Lollipops

    Twitter: @SpiceGirlsNet

    "Their faces were supposed to be printed on the candy, but always came out scarily morphed or missing eyes. BUT a sticker was included... literally all you could ever want from a snack." – Madeleine Dunne

    4. Hershey's Cookies N' Mint

    "Oh, it was the best chocolate bar. Especially frozen. So damn good." – grapeape12041986

    5. Chubby Soda

    @thebarronradio / Via

    "Who remembers Chubbies?" – Laralong123

    6. Ring Pop Mysteries

    @tpeezie / Via

    "They tasted like orange juice and came in a black and white bag??? Literally no one remembers eating these but me. I'm almost convinced they never existed and I made them up. I've been trying to find them for a few years and can't find ANYTHING about them or proof they ever existed!!" – peytonsinclairs

    7. Colour Changing Squeezit

    "Does anyone remember when you could add the little piece of candy that came with Squeezit's and they changed colours?! It was amazing and so cool as a child!!" – mikaylaw4b517e830

    8. Hershey's S'mores

    "They were a dark chocolate candy bar filled with marshmallow and a graham cracker. Sadly, they were discontinued in 2007, but I can't find anyone else who remembers it, besides my grandma and my dad." – chayden153

    9. Lollipop Paint Shop / Via

    "The paint bucket candy!" – alexisgabriellaf

    10. Starburst Fruit Twists

    11. Wonder Ball


    "They were plastic balls coated in chocolate with the coolest little toys inside. They weren't on the market very long because parents started complaining that the toys were a choking hazard. The toys were replaced by hard candies that resembled Flintstone vitamins and then they disappeared all together." – aprilm4ecddbafd

    12. Smarties Bubble Gum Rolls

    "Everyone swears they don’t remember, but I do... I do." – rebeccamoffett97

    13. Tiny Size Chiclets

    @reneeniz / Via


    14. Fanta Blueberry

    "I swear to God, when I was 11 or 12 there was this one Fanta flavour that NO ONE ELSE seems to remember. I live in Germany, so we don‘t have that many crazy flavours. Fanta Blueberry was bright blue, looked a lot like the blue Gatorade, and tasted A-MAZ-ING!!! Also it coloured your whole mouth blue." – jaeltheyaratz

    15. Polly Waffle

    "They were the best, especially frozen. For some reason no one remembers this candy, which was a marshmallow centre surrounded by a thin cracker tube that was dipped in chocolate. They were discontinued a while ago, but I heard there’s an ice cream version around somewhere." – LeDiskoTech

    16. Altoids Sours

    @wyon / Via

    "They were so sour that they would burn your tongue... no wonder they were discontinued." – hulaladancer

    17. Pepsi Kona

    "Apparently it was regional to the Philly area. My dad drank it all the time yet doesn't remember its existence, but I do." – karenrlarocca

    18. Ice Cubes

    "There were these chocolate cubes they'd have in Eckerd's or Rite Aid stores in those fish bowls at the register. They were called Ice Cubes because they made your mouth cold when you ate them. But not in that weird, pasty way that York Patties do because they were solid, smooth chocolate. Yum!" – jeller4314

    19. Jolly Rancher Soda

    @litttybando / Via

    "It tasted exactly like a Jolly Rancher but with three times the amount of sugar. It was the best, but it was only around for like a year or two. :/" – skylarl49a8e265e

    20. Amazin' Fruit Gummy Bears

    "The best gummy bears of my life." – m46d2ec1d5

    21. Great Shakes

    @FANCY!TV / Via

    "A brown plastic cup with a tan lid that came with pouches of chocolate powder that you would pour into the cup with milk. You would shake it, and it made a frothy, malted chocolate milk. – Annie Alan, Facebook

    22. Cadbury Secret

    Facebook: Bring

    "I was a child of the '90s and NO ONE ELSE remembers the chocolate bar that was mousse-like inside and encased in a nest of chocolate rather than solid chocolate? I'm sure it was called 'Secret' and it was by Cadbury. I'm starting to think I dreamt this!" – linziw3

    23. Kool-Aid and milk

    "Kool-Aid for milk. It was short-lived, gross, and no one ever believes me about its existence." – raditsbrandi

    24. Aspen Soda

    "A glorious apple-flavoured soda that might have been made from apple angel tears. But made by Pepsi, I believe." – t4c7a9dc19

    25. Bubblicious LeBron's Lightning Lemonade

    "I remember the commercial VIVIDLY. I was lucky enough to have my parents take me to Blockbuster and it was there. The yellow packaging with a cartoon LeBron. My dad let me buy it and I ate the whole thing on the ride home. I mean I ATE it... needless to say I was never allowed LeBron gum again." – kmbren97

    26. Shasta Mario Soda

    Facebook: gameovervideogames

    "Those little cans of soda with the Super Mario characters! I only remember trying the cherry, but thought they all looked so cool." – ittany Byron

    New Line Cinema

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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