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This Girl’s Story Proves Why You Should Never Try To Get With Your Uber Driver

It's like when you think the roller coaster is over but then it drops you one last time.

Twitter user @KelliAmirah decided to share what happened when she tried to get in with her Uber driver in the world's most eventful Twitter thread.


Get ready for a tale of female empowerment, adventure, heartache, success, and struggle in just 38 short tweets.

Kelli, who is originally from Georgia but now resides in Washington, DC, for school, explained that it all started when the Uber driver picked her up on Saturday night.

After discovering that the driver was in fact fine AF, Kelli devised a plan to leave her charger in the car so she would have an excuse to get his phone number.

Her plan didn't exactly go as expected, and she was left without a reply OR her charger.

So she let time pass, and instead decided to focus on herself and her studies.

But just as she did that, the heavens opened and blessed her with the reply she had been waiting for.

So with plans in motion for her to see the driver to get her charger, she took the exam she'd been studying for.

She fell asleep after her exam and realised she still had to actually get ready to see this guy she'd spent all this time stressing over.

So she beat her face down real quick, and had a little pep talk from her friend before going out to see him.

So she finally gets to the car, and gets her charger back and decides that it's the right time to shoot.

And praise be, it was successful.

Which proves that all you need is a little bit of faith and confidence to get what you want...


Turns out the Uber driver was a big, married asshole.

Via Twitter: @KelliAmirah

Kelli told BuzzFeed she wished the driver had told her he was married when she first asked him out. "I definitely believe in the sanctity of marriage and am in no way a home wrecker, so I just let it go."

She said that while she's proud of herself for going out of her comfort zone as she's quite shy, she's going to "take a little break from shooting shots after this major L."

And this is evidence as to why you can trust no one but your own damn self.


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