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This Girl’s Story Proves Why You Should Never Try To Get With Your Uber Driver

It's like when you think the roller coaster is over but then it drops you one last time.

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Twitter user @KelliAmirah decided to share what happened when she tried to get in with her Uber driver in the world's most eventful Twitter thread.


Get ready for a tale of female empowerment, adventure, heartache, success, and struggle in just 38 short tweets.

Via Twitter: @KelliAmirah

Kelli told BuzzFeed she wished the driver had told her he was married when she first asked him out. "I definitely believe in the sanctity of marriage and am in no way a home wrecker, so I just let it go."

She said that while she's proud of herself for going out of her comfort zone as she's quite shy, she's going to "take a little break from shooting shots after this major L."

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