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21 Halloween Costumes That Are So Smart It Hurts

A witch? A cat? Nah fam, more like a human-sized Kylie Lip Kit.

1. The famous lion from DJ Khaled's beloved garden.

2. And Joanne the Scammer with her accompanying security escorts.

3. A naked Sim just chilling in its natural state.

4. An on-point Arthur, clenched fists and all.

5. And the combo outfit of DW looking through a fence.

6. A moving ode to Kanye West's music video, "Famous".

7. And a walking The Notorious K.I.M. album cover.

8. A very convincing Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren.

9. Or a damn good dedication to the fallen Poussey.

10. An angsty "Don't Hurt Yourself" Beyoncé.

11. And an adventurous Fresh Prince.

12. The ultimate rollercoaster-riding squad.

13. And this sick burn to all Samsung owners.

14. A pretty spot on interpretation of the most iconic Beyond Scared Straight prisoner.

15. An actual representation of what all fuckboys are really trying to do.

16. A life size Kylie Lip Kit in the cutest shade of pink.

17. And an even cuter copy of little Nori and P, but of course at a fraction of the cost.

18. A human-sized iced frappuccino aka the goals of all proud basic bitches.

19. And an IRL version of the gold butterfly Snapchat filter.

20. A dedication to Rob, Chyna, and their lil' unborn bub.

21. And, of course, Kermit the Frog just minding his own damn business.