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    24 Jul 2017

    People Are Fucking Losing It Over Ben From "MasterChef" And His Obsession With Ice Cream

    Faaaaaar quenelle, Ben.

    If you've been watching MasterChef Australia this year, you know grand finalist Ben is just fucking obsessed with ice cream.

    Network 10

    And tonight was no different, with Ben making ice cream for not one, but TWO of the three rounds.

    . @ben_ungermann has gone from never cooking desserts before to plating up gems like his delicious Round 1 dish. ๐Ÿ‘Œโ€ฆ

    Wow, what an inventive and delicious-sounding combination of flavours, @ben_ungermann ๐Ÿ‘Œ #MasterChefAU

    Fuck me, people are just sick of it. Ben, people are sick of all the goddamn ice cream.

    Judges: You can cook ANYTHING YOU WANT Ben: I'mma cook ice cream #masterchefau

    Live footage of Ben tonight #MasterChefAU

    #MasterChefAU Ben's a great cook and i can guarantee that whatever he makes it will be ice cream

    Ben: you know it's grand finale so I have to take a massive risk. Ben: #masterchefau

    Ben. They've truly had enough.

    Ben: I need to plate this up perfectly. A manager at Cold Rock could be watching & I gotta make sure they gonna give me a job #MasterChefAU

    Ben's idea is to make ice cream? #MasterChefAU

    sad to hear ben actually died in ep 4 and they've had to reuse the only footage they had of him making icecream every ep since #MasterChefAU

    sorry ben but this is the only ice cream i care about today #MasterChefAU

    **To Ben's partner** "How does it feel to eat ice cream for dinner everyday?" #masterchefau

    Farking hell mate, please. Make it stop.

    Far quenelle Ben! 30 seconds! #MasterChefAU

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