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    22 Memes You’ll Relate To If You’re Extra AF

    Favourite activities: overreacting, complaining, and being petty.

    1. You always act like you've got nothing to say.

    2. And that you don't always need everyone's eyes on you.

    3. But your favourite activities are being over-the-top and complaining.

    4. And you've truly perfected the art of being petty.

    5. But can't take when someone does the same thing back to you.

    6. You literally think yourself into a bad mood.

    7. And take everything as a personal attack against you.

    8. So you lash out at everyone at any chance you get.

    9. But then wonder why your friends have the nerve to hang out without you.

    10. Because regardless of their excuses, you just know they're excluding you on purpose.

    11. So you make sure that they ALL know how you really feel.

    12. And most importantly that you don't take too kindly to betrayal.

    13. Especially when you've given everything you have to the friendship.

    14. But you know damn well when you're overreacting.

    15. Yet, your extra ass still won't rise up against the petty.

    16. So you make a point to remove people from your life.

    17. And love to pretend that it doesn't affect you in any way.

    18. So you try to find joy in other things.

    19. Because your life doesn't need any backup singers.

    20. You have other means to find new people to join your life.

    21. And at the end of the day, you still think you're better than everyone.

    22. Even with all your shitty flaws.