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Duckie Thot Will Walk In This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Show And Her Reaction Is So Pure

We must protect Duckie at all costs.

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This is Duckie Thot. Australian, supermodel and all-round superstar.

Instagram: @duckieofficial

She started her modelling career on Australia's Next Top Model back in 2013. Since then, she's found major success following her work in Kanye's 2017 Yeezy Spring runway and Rihanna's Fenty Beauty campaigns.

FOX8, Fenty Beauty

Proving that hard work pays off, Duckie uploaded a video today confirming that she would be walking the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

words can’t express how much this means to me, thank you Victoria’s Secret for the opportunity of a lifetime. #VSFashionShow

"No way! You're lying. Oh my God! Oh my God, Will. Oh my gosh, wow. Oh my God, wow. Wow, we did it. What the heck. Oh my gosh! Wow, oh my gosh this is fucking crazy. Omg, this is crazy. Oh shit. I can't believe it."

And her reaction is honestly just pure joy if I've ever seen it.

@duckie_thot / Via Twitter: @duckie_thot

I can confirm that it has warmed my cold, dead heart.

Of course, like a true Aussie, there was naturally a bit of swearing involved.

@duckie_thot / Via Twitter: @duckie_thot

That's our girl. 🇦🇺

It's pretty safe to say that people are excited by the news.


Duckie thot is finally confirmed for the Victoria Secret fashion show....SIS IS COMING

watching Duckie Thot win feels like watching a sister or cousin win. we stan forever.

Congrats Duckie! Keep on killing it. 👑 👑

@duckieofficial / Via