101 "Scorpion" Lyrics That’ll Give You Instagram Captions For The Next Three Years

    Y'all already know, Drake never disappoints.

    1) The crown is broken in pieces, but there's more in my possession. – “Survival”

    2) They be throwing in the towel. I do yellowtail at TAO. – “Can’t Take A Joke”

    3) S Class, G Class, lotta class. – “Mob Ties”

    4) Brothers* see the crib and ask who did I steal from. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    5) My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions. – “Survival”

    6) Either hand is the upper hand. – ”Nonstop”

    7) With your phone out, gotta hit them angles. – “Nice For What”

    8) First Rollie flooded out, I ain't see no time. – “Talk Up”

    9) Bills so big I call 'em Williams, for real. – ”Nonstop”

    10) I gotta move the safe beside the bed when I be sleeping. – “Elevate”

    11) My house is full of supermodels just like Mohamed Hadid. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    12) That's a real one in your reflection. Without a follow, without a mention. – “Nice For What”

    13) I like all the profit, man, I hardly do percents. – ”Nonstop”

    14) House on both coasts, but I live on the charts. – “Survival”

    15) Talk used to be cheap, nowadays it's free. – “Peak”

    16) Brothers* think they run the town 'til we run 'em out of town. – “Can’t Take A Joke”

    17) My bitch in Chanel now, your bitch in Escada. – “Mob Ties”

    18) Drinking's enough of a vice, drugs just aren't suiting you right. – “Don’t Matter To Me”

    19) I take this shit too serious, you brothers* my comic relief. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    20) I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry. – “God’s Plan”

    21) Iconic duos rip and split at the seams. – “Emotionless”

    22) I don't like to talk when there's nothing else left to say. – “8 Out Of 10”

    23) Heard you hit up so and so, that name don't ring a bell, nah. – “Mob Ties”

    24) I already hit her when you left her lonely. – “Elevate”

    25) Hate me, never met me in the flesh. – “I’m Upset”

    26) People are only as tough as they phone allows them to be. – “Peak”

    27) I'm the chosen one, flowers never pick themselves. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    28) I wanna thank God for workin' way harder than Satan. He's playing favorites, it feels amazing. – “Elevate”

    29) I stopped asking myself and I started feeling myself. – “Survival”

    30) What a time this is, to be alive for this shit. – “Blue Tint”

    31) Gotta bring my brothers or else I feel out of place. – “Emotionless”

    32) I'm standing at the top of where you brothers* are climbing to reach. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    33) I got a chance then my brothers* got it too, like it's contagious. – “Elevate”

    34) This is God's plan, young man, you said it yourself. – “Survival”

    35) Ten of us, we moving as one. I'm so proud of who I've become. – “Talk Up”

    36) God willing, I got a good feeling. – “March 14”

    37) Love my brothers, cut 'em in on anything. Big slice. – ”Nonstop”

    38) But I'm blessed, I just checked. – “I’m Upset”

    39) Only holding up I do is my end of the bargain. – “Is There More”

    40) Can of worms and I'm the early bird. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    41) You might think I've taken some lumps… only if we talking 'bout sums. – “Talk Up”

    42) And like guns with the ink in, you're getting under my skin. – “Jaded”

    43) Only begging that I do is me begging your pardon. – “Is There More”

    44) Brothers* want to hang but I'm too busy doing dirty work. Hit 'em back and say we'll link up on the 33rd. –“Sandra’s Rose”

    45) Only problems I do are math problems with profit. – “Is There More”

    46) Too many Walt Disney characters, mouses and goofs. – “Is There More”

    47) You got options, but I been chosen. – “Final Fantasy”

    48) I'm tryna dive in, put some time in. – “After Dark”

    49) I promise if I'm not dead, then I'm dedicated. – “March 14”

    50) No judgment is our arrangement. – “Final Fantasy”

    51) You got something real, not basic. – “Jaded”

    52) SMS, triple X. That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck. – “I’m Upset”

    53) I like best when you're fresh faced and no foundation. Willing and ready for the taking. – “Final Fantasy”

    54) In a whip so low, no one's gotta know. – “After Dark”

    55) You ain't stressing off no lover in the past tense. – “Nice For What”

    56) Make my way around the bases, I wanna take you to oases. – “Final Fantasy”

    57) I'm a bill printer, I'm a grave digger. – ”Nonstop”

    58) I been moving calm, don't start no trouble with me. – “God’s Plan”

    59) I gotta breathe in real deep when I catch an attitude. I got a whole 'nother level that I can tap into. – “8 Out Of 10”

    60) I wasn't made for no casket or no prison cell. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    61) I do not forget a thing, I'm patient. It's a gift. – “Mob Ties”

    62) I'ma always take the money over sex. – “I’m Upset”

    63) Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me. – “God’s Plan”

    64) This is real life, brothers* think we playing chess. – “I’m Upset”

    65) I'm a bar spitta, I’m a hard hitta. – “Nonstop”

    66) Always got a ace up my sleeve for whatever was dealt. – “Survival”

    67) If you need me, you can't call me. I stay busy making money. – “Elevate”

    68) Gotta be nice for what to these brothers*? – “Nice For What”

    69) You know when it comes to pride, I can't put that shit aside. –“Can’t Take A Joke”

    70) If I can't make it with you, I'll make it without. – “Is There More”

    71) They say take the good with the bad, I'll take it without. – “Is There More”

    72) Can't be in a room with you and stand on different sides. – “Finesse”

    73) That's why I'm not with nobody, cause I don't wanna hurt nobody. – “Jaded”

    74) Had a man last year, life goes on. – “Nice For What”

    75) All these followers but who gon' follow me to the end? – “Emotionless”

    76) You say I led you on, but you followed me. – “Summer Games”

    77) Love certain ones but never get attached to 'em. – “Is There More”

    78) I miss the days that you was all mine, haven't been official in a long time. – “Ratchet Happy Birthday”

    79) Commitment. Going the distance. I'm new to all of this. – “Finesse”

    80) Look, the new me is really still the real me. – “In My Feelings”

    81) I only tell lies to who I gotta protect. I would rather lose my leg than lose their respect. – “Is There More”

    82) Fuck that Netflix and chill – what's your net-net-net worth? – “In My Feelings”

    83) Always felt like sticking 'round's the same as being stuck. – “Jaded”

    84) Pinky ring 'til I get a wedding ring. – ”Nonstop”

    85) We not together but I get the info on you 'cause I'm nice to your friends. – “Blue Tint”

    86) Scrolling through life and fishing for praise. Opinions from total strangers take me out of my ways. – “Emotionless”

    87) I ain't even have to cut the tie, it severed itself. – “Survival”

    88) Now they wanna know me since I hit the top. – ”Nonstop”

    89) They be watching what they say, especially when it's to my face. – “Can’t Take A Joke”

    90) Backstabbed so many times I started walking backwards. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    91) It's too late for all that lovey-dovey shit. I'm your brother shit. All that other shit. – “Mob Ties”

    92) Everyone that wants the worst for me's asking what happened. – “Sandra’s Rose”

    93) Fuck what it was, it is what it is. – “Mob Ties”

    94) Who's gonna love you on your worst day? – “Ratchet Happy Birthday”

    95) It's your month and you know it. – “Ratchet Happy Birthday”

    96) My mood is changing this summer, I'ma be tweakin'. – “Elevate”

    97) Petty bullshit shouldn't excite you on your birthday. – “Ratchet Happy Birthday”

    98) I know you like to drink 'til the sun up, grind 'til you come up. – “That’s How You Feel”

    99) She had an attitude in the summer but she being nice again. – “Blue Tint”

    100) It's your fucking birthday, it's a fucking celebration. – “Ratchet Happy Birthday”

    101) Work all winter, shine all summer. – “That’s How You Feel”