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18 Photos That All Australian-Filipinos Will Instantly Recognise

A stack of Spam cans? They must've been half-off at Woolies.

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1. These exact Corelle plates, that either your mum or one of your aunties owned:

2. And a pile of separated spring roll wrappers someone always forced you to peel:

3. All these things for when your mum ordered a balikbayan box to start filling up:

@pinoypride3005 / Via

4. And the accompanying random stash of sale chocolate hidden in the house to put in the box:

@shenn_hernandez / Via

5. An ever-growing pile of thongs at the front door anytime people were over:

6. A bunch of bain maries full of Filipino dishes next to metal trays of sandwiches at a party:

@vincentzshio / Via

7. And this song book sitting on a couch arm at the same party:

@jennrantael / Via

8. Oh, and you can't forget that this was playing on the TV the whole time:

9. A drawer literally filled with free sauces, straws from random places, or hotel shampoos:

10. And a plastic bag full of every other plastic bag that had ever entered the house:

11. A big bowl of home-cooked rice anytime someone bought fresh KFC:

@gene_oh / Via

12. A ridiculous stack of cans from every time Spam went half-price at Woolies or Coles:

13. A cupboard full of soy sauce, fish sauce, and at least two different Datu Puti bottles:

@maryiangge / Via

14. And a walis tingting sitting outside your house next to a normal broom:

15. A text message written in Taglish that your white mates would never understand:


16. A bunch of cereal boxes either folded-over or closed with a colourful peg:


17. Some type of tin container that was usually full of sewing supplies and disappointment:

18. And a wooden spoon your mum would always use to threaten palo:

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