12 Cheap Storage Hacks For Anyone Who Loves Makeup

    Because makeup is already expensive enough.

    1. Grab a document organiser to display all your pretty palettes.

    2. Or try using inexpensive napkin holders.

    3. Decorative glass boxes are a good way to store lip products that aren't too tall.

    4. And clear, hanging shoe organisers are perfect for your smaller makeup items.

    5. If you're a little tight on space, throw all your palettes into a decorative planter pot.

    6. Or prop them all up on a wire dish rack.

    7. Compartment organisers, usually found in the electrical section, are not only cheap but they're also really handy.

    8. And if you like to display your nail polishes, cake stands give you more space than a flat plate would.

    9. Mini chests are usually deeper and hold more than expensive acrylic drawer sets do.

    10. And business card holders make a good stand for those palettes that aren't too wide.

    11. Try ice trays to stop your single pot eyeshadows from rolling around in your drawers.

    12. And use recycled plastic chocolate boxes to store those items that don't really fit anywhere else.