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23 Of The Most Queensland Things To Ever Happen

"Caretaker needed. Must have own boat."

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1. This dog high on more than just life:

Seven Network /

2. This navigation issue:

3. This confused pet:

4. This tourist attraction:

@therealbarryj / Twitter: @therealbarryj

5. And this tourist attraction:

Instagram: @_eatwelltraveloften_ /

6. This new political candidate:

Twitter: @carlosthedwarf_ / Twitter: @carlosthedwarf_

7. This unachievable job requirement:

Twitter: @HollinsMrhump / Twitter: @HollinsMrhump

8. This strange turn of events:

9. And this ~scary~ warning:

Twitter: @JaneDoyle7 / Twitter: @JaneDoyle7

10. This vending machine purchase that really wasn't necessary:

instagram: @bhlawrence /

11. This new style of skiing:

Instagram: @kirstencunningham /

12. This news headline:

Twitter: @hayleyjlyons / Twitter: @hayleyjlyons

13. This highly patriotic officer:

Imgur: @JudithTrimarchi /

14. This savage police announcement:

Facebook: @Queensland Police Service /

15. And this even more savage one:

Facebook: @Queensland Police Service /

16. This caf├ęs belief in the Sunshine Coast keeping true to its name:

Twitter: @LuckyLaki / Twitter: @LuckyLaki

17. This unnecessarily sexy tree:

Instagram: @mangopopol /

18. This pricey take on "art":

Instagram: @tegantookwhat /

19. This attempt at advertising:

@TheTongueIsDead / Twitter: @TheTongueIsDead

20. This take on promoting road safety:

Instagram: @jewfishboy /

21. And this moo-ving road sign:

Instagram: @laraburchards /

22. This cheeky ode to a great surfing legend:

Instagram: @catherineone /

23. And this solid entertainer you'll want to hire ASAP:

Greg Peck /