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21 Memes That Sum Up What Actually Happens After A Breakup

Team "new fone, who dis?"

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1. You realise that despite some good times, your ex for the most part is trash.

2. And you start to question why you ever thought they were a good idea.

3. Because in the end they broke your heart and tried to play it off as nothing...

4. ...but despite it all, every little thing reminds you of them.

5. However your mates always make sure to keep you in line.

6. But they're not against helping you keep tabs from time to time.

7. Because even though you're working on getting over them, you like to know how their life is going without you.

8. Especially when it comes to who they may or may not be seeing now.

9. Of course, you inevitably end up seeing each other in real life.

10. And you try to avoid being seen by them.

11. But they usually end up seeing you, so you just trying to brush it off.

12. Especially when you're with your friends.

13. Your ex tries to start a conversation with you even though you're not here for it.

14. And you have no clue how to talk to them because you don't want to.

15. Unless you're with your new boo, so that your ex can really see what they lost.

16. Which causes your ex to start trying to communicate with you again.

17. So you really just try your hardest to curve them.

18. Because you know that it's probably the work of the devil himself.

19. But your ex still tries really hard to rekindle the old, burnt-out flame you once had.

20. And then they drop the bomb because they now know what they've lost.

21. Thankfully, they eventually get the hint and you can go on to live your best life.