We Tried The Magic Bun Maker And Now We're Never Leaving Our Hair Out Again

    I don't want none unless you got buns, hun.

    Hi, wassup, hello. If you've ever had hair longer than a bob, you know the struggle of trying to get that perfect bun.

    Luckily (maybe) for us, we randomly stumbled across this "magic bun maker" while scrolling through Facebook.

    So we decided to test the slap-band-esque contraption on four of us, so we could see if it could handle our different hair types.

    The instructions didn't say you had to tie your hair first, and we all really struggled trying to figure out how to get a semi-decent bun.

    It took at least three attempts before any of us managed to get anything that looked good, and some of us couldn't get it at all.

    We found the biggest struggle was trying to figure out which way the band snapped, and having all our loose hair and layers falling out.

    The ~magic bun maker~ worked best when we tied our hair up first, or if we got someone else to do it for us.

    But the more we did it, the more secure and better-looking the buns got.

    All in all, once we figured it out, our buns were looking BOMB. With a little practice, we reckon this bun-helper could actually be pretty damn useful.