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    "Brown Girls Do Ballet" Is The Next Instagram Account You Need To Follow

    It is en pointe.

    A video of Homer Hans Bryant's students dancing en pointe to Disclosure and Sam Smiths’ “Omen” recently went viral online.

    Brown Girls Do Ballet calls the craft “well-trained fun”, and the main purpose is to make classical ballet more relevant to younger generations.

    The Instagram movement started in 2013 by TaKiyah Wallace who had noticed the lack of cultural diversity in her toddler’s ballet school.

    In striving to touch the lives of young ballerinas across America, they joined their passions and skills to provide an outlet to highlight the diversity that exists in the ballet industry.

    Wallace and Marie told BuzzFeed, “We realised the missing link to diversifying ballet was a resource that spoke to their identity. We wanted to convey a message of acceptance, vision, and possibility.”

    “We wanted to be that voice that empowers young girls even in the face of adversity. We chose to start with showing them examples.”

    Now with a following of just under 45,000, “Brown Girls Do Ballet” are aiming to expand beyond their Instagram, with plans to launch a dance apparel store for brown ballerinas on Black Friday.

    To find out more about Brown Girls Do Ballet you can visit their website.