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    21 Fucked-Up Tinder Messages That'll Make You Cringe And Cry

    Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the worst messages they've ever received on Tinder. Here are the terrifying results.

    1. This modern-day poet.

    2. This one-time offer.

    3. This very quick escalation.

    4. And this fast-moving relationship.

    5. This ~nice~ insult.

    6. And this one with a silver lining.

    7. This unfortunate name match.

    8. And this keen ~mother~ fucker.

    9. This abrasive opener.

    10. This quick shutdown.

    11. And this truly unbelievable beauty.

    12. This logic puzzle king.

    13. This kinda horrifying compliment.

    14. This friendship rejection.

    15. This strange food habit.

    16. And this lover of all things Wendy's (and anal).

    17. This (at the time) timely pick-up line.

    18. And this avid nature-lover.

    19. This easy mistake.

    20. This too kind offer.

    21. And this unexpected switch-up.

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