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22 Australian Memes That'll Have You In Stitches

Just always know that you'll never be as ugly as the new Bob the Builder.

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1. This bloody ripper:

Memes for the Urban Gentleman / Via Facebook: MemesfortheUrbanGentleman

2. And this shit disguise:

@hoseaussieteens / Via

3. This horsing around:

4. And this tasty question:

@australiahaha / Via

5. This fact of life:

@strayamaaate / Via

6. And this feel-good feeling:

@thoseaussieteens / Via

7. This ultimate sacrifice:

@thoseaussieteens / Via

8. And this bargain pricing:


9. This grave mistake:

@strayamaaate / Via

10. And this correction:


11. This Go Go Stop throwback:

12. And this absolute banger:


13. This sign of the purest love:

http://@alana.april / Via

14. And this peak loyalty:

PsychoKlown / Via Facebook: johnhowarddankmemes

15. This man who can do it all:

James Semmens / Via Facebook: johnhowarddankmemes

16. And this company that never says no:

Angus McLachlan / Via Facebook: johnhowarddankmemes

17. This marathon-worthy classic:

18. And this ultimate betrayal:

@thoseaussieteens / Via

19. This scarily accurate truth:

@strayamaaate / Via

20. And this sign of safety:

Authoritative Australian Memes / Via Facebook: johnhowarddankmemes

21. This milk mishap:

Mahmoud Eideh / Via Facebook: johnhowarddankmemes

22. And this absolute truth:

I just want milk that tastes like real milk.
Stef Correa / Via Facebook: johnhowarddankmemes

I just want milk that tastes like real milk.