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    9 Websites Every Broke-Ass Makeup Lover Needs

    More money saved means more money for makeup.

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    1. Shop Miss A

    Shop Miss A / Priceline

    Shop Miss A is a good place if you like the look of big name-brand lashes but not the price of them. It stocks Kara lashes, which come in an array of styes for literally only $1 USD (equal to approximately $1.34 AUD).

    The site also stocks other cosmetics for the same price, including L.A. Colours and E.l.f., which are readily available in America but pretty hard to find in Australia. Well, at least hard to find for cheap prices.

    2. eBay

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    Priceline /

    eBay is actually a fantastic place to find cheaper alternatives to brand-name items if you know what to look for.

    An example of a great eBay find is the raved-about Real Technique brush dupes that go for around $2.50 AUD each. The real ones will set you back, at minimum, $14.99 AUD at Priceline.

    3. Beauty Bay

    Beauty Bay / Sephora

    Beauty Bay stocks a lot of brands that you can find at Sephora for a little cheaper; when buying heaps of makeup, this can be really helpful. Plus, with free delivery for purchases over $30 AUD, waiting for delivery is well worth it.

    Brands not found at Sephora, such as Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics, Makeup Store, and Eyeko, are also carried by Beauty Bay.

    Another positive is the fact that you don't have to deal with any crowds – and you can use any discount codes that come your way!

    4. iHerb

    iHerb / Priceline

    iHerb is a great place to get genuine makeup items for much cheaper than what they retail for in Australia. The reason items are significantly cheaper on this site is because it's U.S.-based and delivers to Australia (where the price is dependent on the quantity ordered).

    Real Techniques brushes and E.l.f cosmetics, while still not as cheap as they are in America, are about half the price of what they're sold for in Australian stores.

    5. Dupe Up

    Dupe Up

    Dupe Up is a great website where you can find cheaper alternatives to often expensive or hard-to-find beauty products.

    Along with providing the closest alternative, Dupe Up also offers other similar products that members of the site have found. The good thing about this site is that real people suggest the dupe products and often comment on similarities and/or differences in their reviews.

    6. Madame Madeline

    Madame Madeline / Priceline

    False lashes in Australia can be considered somewhat pricey when compared to the cost in the US, where most average under $4 USD a pair.

    The site Madame Madeline actually allows you to purchase Ardell lashes at a fraction of their Australian price. The lashes are available for $2.50–3.50 USD depending on how many are purchased. Madame Madeline also stocks popular brands like Red Cherry and Eyelure for much cheaper than anywhere else in Australia.

    7. Catch of the Day

    Catch Of The Day /

    Websites like Catch of the Day specialise in selling brand-name items at big discounted prices.

    It's smart to keep an eye on the site, since deals are updated as regularly as popular items, and really cheap items tend to sell out most quickly. Catch of the Day often stocks an array of low-end and high-end beauty products and tools, so there is usually something for everyone.

    8. Pharmacies' sites like Chemist Warehouse and Priceline

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    Instagram: @pricelineau /

    Two of the main retailers that hold big beauty sales are Chemist Warehouse, with its 50% off cosmetics sale, and Priceline, with its 40% off sale, which applies to cosmetics, as well as hair care, skin care, and fragrances at times.

    A good way to keep informed is to regularly check their websites, subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social media, or join beauty discussion groups online.

    9. And Facebook groups like Instabeautyau

    Thinkstock / Facebook: Instabeautyau / Facebook: 720721031317578

    Beauty-focused Facebook groups are a good source of information if you like interacting with real people around the country about everything beauty-related.

    These groups provide advice, opinions, and product reviews, and are great to consult when you have questions about certain products. Plus, members often share when makeup news in Australia breaks, or when there are any big sales.

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