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This Teen Fed A Deer Some Crackers And Now They’re Best Friends

"His name is Money 'cause I feel like he deserves that name – money makes me happy and he did too."

This is Kelvin Peña. And behind him is his best friend, Money the deer.

Kelvin, a 17-year-old from Pennsylvania, found unexpected fame on Twitter when he uploaded a video feeding Money some crackers.

"One day at my cousin's house, he was feeding Canela (another local deer Kelvin named) and I thought it was really cool. When I got home I saw Money in my backyard, walked up to him, and noticed he didn't run away, so I felt we had a connection," he told BuzzFeed.

"I went inside and grabbed him an apple, and he ate it. I expected him to leave but he kept following me, so that's when I grabbed some Club Crackers and started feeding him. His name is Money 'cause I feel like he deserves that name – money makes me happy and he did too, so I felt like we had a friendship."

One day, Money brought his "deer squad" to Kelvin's house. It was... interesting.

My son money got a whole family I didnt even know 😂

"Every day since, he comes to my house and brings his lil' family, which I all gave names too – they're my deer squad."

He shared that he still feeds Canela at his cousin's house and that "she's wavy too and isn't scared of anything".

However, after some backlash, Kelvin decided to start feeding Money and the rest of the deer fam some healthier snacks.

I'ma start feeding money healthy shit I just havent gone grocery shopping, its nice to eat sum other than grass doe

"It means a lot that he feels he and his fam can come through, so I respect them and I want them to be healthy, so I've been buying fruit for them," he told BuzzFeed.

Kelvin told BuzzFeed that he didn’t expect to get this much attention. "I just thought Money was cool so I decided to film him. I was still going to feed him regardless.”

Money's baby mama pull up game too strong

Kelvin decided to start selling Money tees in the hopes that "Money and his deer family can have some nice, tasty, healthy snacks".

Ultimate best friend goals. 💖💯