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    18 Best Friends Who Deserve A Fucking Medal

    Oooo go best friend, that's my best friend.

    1. This guy who knows the key to his best friend's heart (and stomach).

    @_rosemaryj / Via Twitter: @_rosemaryj

    2. This best friend who just really can't take any more slaying.

    @maddiie_foreman / Via Twitter: @maddiie_foreman

    3. This best friend who knows the importance of a warm welcome.

    @paiigemitch / Via Twitter: @paiigemitch

    4. And this one who knows the importance of a lil' tough love.

    @illnnn / Via Twitter: @illnnn

    5. This bestie who believes in matching underwear and cute notes.

    @xoxohogwarts_ / Via Twitter: @xoxohogwarts_

    6. And this bestie who swapped out cute paper notes for balloon messages.

    @erinn_nicolee98 / Via Twitter: @erinn_nicolee98

    7. This best friend and her dedication to this hybrid moving-away/birthday gift.

    8. And this one who had the absolute best birthday surprise.

    @0l1nd50 / Via Twitter: @0l1nd50

    9. This mate who knows how to celebrate their best friend's birthday the right way.

    @autumngaddy_ / Via Twitter: @autumngaddy_

    10. This angel who just decided to randomly profess her love to her partner-in-crime.

    @mackoroni54 / Via Twitter: @mackoroni54

    11. And this friend who low-key became a ~masterchef~ for their bestie.

    @_TheyCallMeFay / Via Twitter: @_TheyCallMeFay

    12. This best friend who knows the power of Drake, even if they're shitty seats.

    @Daniellekrista / Via Twitter: @Daniellekrista

    13. And this one who tried to bring back what was dead.

    @kayley_maynard / Via Twitter: @kayley_maynard

    14. This bestie who proved it's the little things that count.

    @_jadaknowles / Via Twitter: @_jadaknowles

    15. And this one who was the delivery queen that we all need.

    16. This best friend who provided the best study struggle necessities.

    @LivPerronxo / Via Twitter: @LivPerronxo

    17. This bestie who knows exactly how to dish out those important compliments.

    @AdiStylesx / Via Twitter: @AdiStylesx

    18. And this presidential friendship that will forever stand the test of time.

    @VP / Via Twitter: @VP

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