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    18 Best Friends Who Deserve A Fucking Medal

    Oooo go best friend, that's my best friend.

    1. This guy who knows the key to his best friend's heart (and stomach).

    2. This best friend who just really can't take any more slaying.

    3. This best friend who knows the importance of a warm welcome.

    4. And this one who knows the importance of a lil' tough love.

    5. This bestie who believes in matching underwear and cute notes.

    6. And this bestie who swapped out cute paper notes for balloon messages.

    7. This best friend and her dedication to this hybrid moving-away/birthday gift.

    8. And this one who had the absolute best birthday surprise.

    9. This mate who knows how to celebrate their best friend's birthday the right way.

    10. This angel who just decided to randomly profess her love to her partner-in-crime.

    11. And this friend who low-key became a ~masterchef~ for their bestie.

    12. This best friend who knows the power of Drake, even if they're shitty seats.

    13. And this one who tried to bring back what was dead.

    14. This bestie who proved it's the little things that count.

    15. And this one who was the delivery queen that we all need.

    16. This best friend who provided the best study struggle necessities.

    17. This bestie who knows exactly how to dish out those important compliments.

    18. And this presidential friendship that will forever stand the test of time.