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    22 Study Notes Which Make Your Handwriting Look Like A Pile Of Trash

    Ok but how come even when I type something out it ends up being ugly?

    1. These cute and colourful diagrams:

    @sushi__studies / Via Instagram: @sushi__studies

    2. And these picture-perfect science sketches:

    @studytee / Via Instagram: @studytee

    3. These aesthetically pleasing boxes of information:

    @sg_studies01 / Via Instagram: @sg_studies01

    4. And these equally-as-cute smaller versions:

    @emily_studies / Via Instagram: @emily_studies

    5. This calming spot of calligraphy:

    @studyclout / Via Instagram: @studyclout

    6. And this captivating mix of writing styles:

    @sorryihavetostudy / Via

    7. These nice and clean notes:

    @joannastudiess / Via

    8. And this chill shade of blue:

    9. These beautiful history notes:

    @blubobastudies / Via

    10. And these well-spaced ones:

    11. This French cheat sheet:

    @studibunni / Via

    12. And these informative notes in Turkish:

    @klankeser / Via

    13. This satisfying use of pastel highlighters:

    @studantefocado / Via Instagram: @studantefocado

    14. And this effortless use of some pink ones:

    @turquoisestudies / Via Instagram: @turquoisestudies

    15. This flawless hand-drawn banner:

    @rayraystudies / Via Instagram: @rayraystudies

    16. These perfectly straight lines on unmarked paper:

    17. This pretty ombre page heading:

    @anniestudies / Via Instagram: @anniestudies

    18. And this cursive one, that's straight out of a dream:

    @chaestudies / Via Instagram: @chaestudies

    19. This smart use of page space: / Via

    20. This soft underlining, which is somehow really soothing:

    @ xanthaw / Via

    21. These super neat line graphs:

    22. And this cute little brain sketch, that almost makes me want to learn more:

    @_nndwin / Via Instagram: @_nndwin