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    Amber Rose's Son Brought Taylor Swift Flowers Before Her Concert, And Why Am I Crying?

    Sebastian brought her flowers and everything. My heart.

    As you're probably aware, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have a beautiful five-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

    And Sebastian is a big fan of Taylor Swift - so big that Taylor Swift even sent him VIP tickets to her Reputation stadium tour back in March.

    Well over the weekend, the big day came. So Sebastian bought Taylor some flowers and went with mum, Amber, and dad, Wiz, to meet his idol.

    Baby Bash could barely even move or speak after seeing Taylor in real life.

    Like, look at the joy on this little boy's face. 😭😭

    But Sebastian wasn't alone in his excitement, with Rebel Wilson and Julia Roberts also coming backstage to meet the popstar.

    @amberrose / Via

    Honestly, just imagine being in this room.

    And after all the excitement of meeting Taylor died down a little, everyone, including little Bash, settled in to enjoy the concert.

    What a team, what a night! 💕

    @amberrose / Via

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