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17 Uber Drivers Who Deserve Way More Than Five Stars

I wish you could give people 10 stars.

1. This driver who dropped off his passenger's lost gum:

2. And this one who sent their customer a proper Christmas card:

3. This driver and their tiny convenience store:

4. And this one's kinda unnecessary custom number plate:

5. This driver's personalised quote cards:

6. And this one who likes to let all their customers know they're important:

7. This heaps keen Christmas Day driver:

8. And this one who's just really in the holiday spirit:

9. This driver prepared for every phone in the world:

10. And this one who's just excited about all of life's blessings:

11. This driver who bought their own lil' light-up sign:

12. And this one ensuring all their night trips are literally lit:

13. This driver trying to spread a bit of happiness:

14. And this one keen to make sure Valentine's Day is one to remember:

15. This driver doing the most for those five stars:

16. This driver providing the laughs on tap:

17. And this one who is really up-to-date with all the current meme trends: