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23 National Delicacies That Seem Weird To The Rest Of The World

Don't knock it 'til you try it.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the delicious delicacies their country is known for. Here are the weird and wonderful results.

1. Smalahove, Norway

"In Norway some people gather for a party to eat smalahove, which is basically a cooked sheep's head. The most delicious part according to those who eat it is the eye." –lunalunds

2. Basashi, Japan

"Basashi (馬刺し) is raw horse meat that's sliced thin and served with ginger and green onions with soy sauce (醤油) for dipping. It is basically sashimi, but with horse meat instead of fish." –brianwilcox

3. Chapulines, Mexico

"Chapulines are fried crickets from Mexico." –lucym81891

4. Durian, Thailand

"In Thailand we eat durian, which is known as the smelliest fruit in the world. Some people have compared it to rotting onions and gym socks." –rachely611

5. Zwiebelmettwurst, Germany

"Zwiebelmettwurst is my favorite German delicacy. It's raw minced pork with onions! It tastes a million times better than bacon and makes me feel like I'm floating." –svennyd

6. Cuy asado, Ecuador

"I live in Ecuador and cuy asado aka grilled guinea pig is considered a delicacy and is actually very yummy. My husband's family makes it for very special occasions." –Meg Elyse, Facebook

7. Sea egg, Barbados

"A delicacy for us in Barbados is a sea egg. It's basically a sea urchin that we eat. When harvested, the shells are gently cracked with a spoon to open, and then the roe is carefully removed because it's the only part that can be consumed. It can be enjoyed fried, stewed, sautéed, or even just raw with lemon juice." –Tammy Taitt, Facebook

8. Mopane worm, Southern Africa

"Gonimbrasia belina is a species of emperor moth which is native to the warmer parts of Southern Africa. It's a large edible caterpillar, known as the Mopane Worm or Mopani Worm." –nataliejinxi

9. Balut, Philippines

"Balut* is so good, I really miss the street food in the Philippines." –sydneysanvictores2003

*Balut is a developing duck embryo.

10. Lutfisk, Sweden

"In Sweden we eat lutfisk for Christmas. It's fish that's been dried, put in lye, and then in water to remove the toxins and to make it safe to eat. Often served with béchamel, peas, all spice, and potato." –lbranden

11. Arroz de cabidela, Portugal

"In Portugal we have arroz de cabidela, which is essentially rabbit or chicken cooked in its own blood that's added to the rice with water and a bit of vinegar." –sofiadj

12. Vegemite, Australia

"Concentrated yeast extract. It looks like it sounds. Black, the consistency of tar, and the smell of a bartender's shirt after a busy night on the taps. It's as salty as the Dead Sea, but my word, lightly smear that stuff on some buttered toast and you're in breakfast nirvana. Vegemite courses through my arteries." –jaylfrodger

13. Butod, Malaysia

"Known as 'butod' in Sabah, sago grub or sago worm is a popular delicacy. It’s an ugly but nutritious food. However, it’s a test of bravery to put this live wriggling bug into your mouth." –monikerp

14. Kercha, Algeria

"Kercha or stuffed sheep's stomach is popular in Algeria. We serve it after the Eid, when the sheep has been slaughtered and all the meat needs to get used." –luisad4981345ae

15. Frog legs, France

"One of the most well known delicacies in France is frog legs. They're usually fried with parsley and garlic sauce. They taste sort of like chicken and fish and are delicious!" –mariec48f08d3ab

16. Soused herring, Netherlands

"In the Netherlands we eat brined herring. It's raw herring that's been preserved in salt, and it can be eaten on bread or just whole if you're in a hurry!" –lisannedeg

17. Salmiakki, Finland

"In Finland we have salmiakki or salty liquorice. It gets its distinct flavour from ammonium chloride, which is formed by combining ammonia with either hydrogen chloride or hydrochloric acid - all three of which are deadly chemicals by themselves. The end result is a white powder (ammonium chloride) which is then added to black liquorice to make salmiakki. Tasty and potentially deadly." –eddievedder

18. Century eggs, China

"My mom is Chinese and enjoys preserved eggs, called century eggs or pidan." –r46143bf89

19. P'tcha, Israel

"In Israel people enjoy p'tcha, which is a dish prepared from jellied calves feet. It's very popular among people with Polish heritage. YUM!" –michalb1

20. Flæskesvær, Denmark

"We have flæskesvær in Denmark, which is pigs skin in strips where you leave some of the fat on. You boil them first, then bake them with a lot of salt until they are almost too hard to eat. Then they are perfect." –helenebukhave

21. Soondae, Korea

"Soondae is a popular Korean street food and is more or less blood sausage, usually served with liver. It's surprisingly delicious, definitely one of my favourite things to eat growing up." –kratta95

22. Surströmming, Sweden

"Surströmming*." –Erika Drewke, Facebook

*Surströmming is fish that has been fermented for six months, covered in just enough salt to prevent rotting. When opened, the smell can be quite overwhelming.

23. Deep-fried Oreos, United States of America

"My favourite delicacy in the United States is deep-fried Oreos. They embody everything it means to be an American. Commonly found at State Fairs, this is the working man's dessert which goes best with a cold Bud Light. It's overpriced, might give you a heart attack on the spot, and gives you acid reflux so you can lay awake all night reciting the US Constitution." –horsegirl213

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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